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With Korea behind us I thought this article from the Korean press gave a sign that there will be strong pressure to improve the off track facilities from within the country not just from the regular F1 pack (via Adam Cooper).

But the main news of the day, mentioned by Gavin yesterday has been the Webber debate. The debate has been raging all day...

Frankly, I don't buy a word of what's being said about Webber.He has no previous record of being a duplicitous, conniving, manipulative character. He's in a position (top of the table) where he has little hope of being again in his career. I don't see it as at all likely that he would throw that awayand for a slim chance of taking out a competitor by throwing his lead, car and body in front of his rivals

Eric the Baker

Anyone who is saying he deliberately crashed to take out a rival is an idiot. What he did after the crash became inevitable is debatable

Steven Roy

I personally think that Joe Saward says it best:

Webber would be best served to ignore it, irritating though it may be.

Joe Saward

While all of this has been going on I have been off work sick today. When I'm not feeling very well I find that the usual things get very boring and so I like to entertain myself by doing like mindless creative projects. Things which are simple but repetitive that kind of thing assembling Lego or doing a jigsaw or something. Today I made a dog out of 5 recycled toilet rolls, 1 kitchen roll and some recycled foil paper (and some sticky back plastic).

Dog 1

I think it's pretty obvious he should be called the Daily Dog as he's featured in the Daily Post

Dog 2

But he probably needs a real name... Would anyone like to name him in the comments?

Dog 3

Anyway talking of foil related nonsense I'm sure you are ready to see part 3 of Alex's Official Daily Weekly Fortnightly Wallchart:

Shhhh! Catch you in two weeks!

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