Hello! It's Friday so I'm going to jump to conclusions here and assume you would like a new daily for this fine day. Hopefully you've all had a lovely week so I'll try my best to bring you into this day with plenty to read, talk about and jump into the comments with. For example, did you know that Kimi Raikonnen will be taking part in the Rally of Finland today? I know there are many Kimi fans out there so make sure you let us know how he's getting on! Onto the bullet points now, which are more action packed than driving a car with Takuma Sato using the pedals and Yuji Ide steering.

  • This week we find Formula 1 landing on the shores of Budapest with the Hungarian Grand Prix being 'staged' so to speak at the familiar Hungaroring. As usual with the Fridays, I introduce you to the always useful (it is my hub every race weekend for information) and downright pretty Race Information page and remind you that Free Practise Session 1 begins at 0900 GMT whilst Session 2 begins at 1300 GMT. Of course, last year we had Felipe Massa have that very scary accident but thank our blessings that Felipe is back this weekend albeit with controversy surrounding his team. I'm hoping this weekend we'll have less team orders and more orders for champagne with fair and correct victories from whoever wins.
  • I have to quickly talk about team orders I feel because a few articles have popped up over the past few hours that might be worth reading. Rubens Barrichello has expressed his feelings, understandably supporting his friend Felipe Massa. Good old Rubens. Over at the BBC, lewis Hamilton felt the need to confirm there are no team orders at Mclaren which is a bit odd because there seem to be no reasons why there would be. I'm a bit sick of the whole Team Orders thing now to be honest - it gutwrenched me as a Rubens fan in 2002 and seeing what happened so blatently last Sunday was rubbish. But Formula 1 moves on and so should we.
  • There was a colossal matchup yesterday in the epic Character Cup here at Sidepodcast. In one corner, we had the adorable, smiley and downright lovable Rubens Barrichello, hero of us all. In the other corner we had the current World Champion, impressive and slick, and always worth watching, the awesome genius that is Jenson Button. The Dream Team had a fantastic championship battle in 2009 on the track but this time Rubens came out winner by just 5 whole votes, which goes to show just how popular they both are, and rightly so. Go Honda-Brawn-Dream Team! Today though should be a briliantly controversial one - Michael Schumacher vs Lewis Hamilton. Who will get your vote today? Let the comments be your Crofty and express your thoughts on this battle in the comments.
  • Today is the birthday of the film director and, as far as I'm concerned downright genius Christopher Nolan. You may recognise his name from directing films like Batman The Dark Knight and the staggeringly excellent Inception, which is where this link leads to. Did you know that the films score, created by the also wonderful Hans Zimmer, was all created from one single song used in the film? The song in question is the very famous Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf. Make sure you watch the Youtube video in that article - mind = BLOWN. I adore hearing Zimmer's work in films and I'm just stunned he's managed to do this. You can hear the Inception soundtrack on Spotify and this bullet point features no spoilers so make sure you see Inception as I can't stress enough how absurdly fantastic it is.

Well, that's that. Pat W has uploaded several videos he took whilst at the wonderful Goodwood Festival of Speed yesterday evening that are worth having a look just to see some excellent memories if you went and because I like pat's blog too. Before I go, today it is actually my mother's birthday so even though she'll be unlikely to read this (she gets on with computers as well as Jacques Villeneuve does with, well, anyone) happy birthday Mum!! This evening we're going to a very yummy curry house to celebrate, so I'll share the om noms with you all and hope you have a fantastic day! See you in the comments, folks!

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