Yep it is Thursday again, the weeks feel like they are just flying by. With back to back races we are off to Hungary this weekend where last year live timing failed during qualifying leaving everyone wondering what was going on. Also this weekend we have a rally in Finland (come on Kimi!) and Superleague (come on Franck!).

Today is the birthday of last years pole sitter, Fernando Alonso. After the German Grand Prix last weekend he isn't the most popular of guys but it is his birthday.

Fernando Alonso celebrates his 23rd birthday,  29/07/2004

Credit: Ignacio Manchado

Fernando Alonso celebrates his 23rd birthday, 29/07/2004

Now onto the bullet points!

  • The events of the German Grand Prix are rumbling on and the consensus in the padock seems to be to scrap the rule banning team orders. Stuart Codling has an excellent blog post on the issue.
  • The Monaco Grand Prix will be on the calendar for the next 10 years after they signed a deal with Bernie.
  • Whilst McLaren's pace of development has been well documented it seems they maybe starting to struggle just a little, with Paddy Lowe and Martin Whitmarsh claiming the flexi-wings are confusing them.
  • Bernie suspects that the number of teams on the grid may shrink next year and Lotus aside he beleves the other new teams would not be missed if they departed.
  • After a couple failures of the wheel tethers this year extra tethers will be added next year in an effort to improve safety of the sport.
  • The character cup is still ongoing and we have former BrawnGP team mates currently facing off to see who will move to the next round and face Vitaly Petrov.

That about does it for this daily post, no doctor who this week sadly, I hope you all have a good day and I shall see you in the comments.

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