Hello, Gavin here... It's Wednesday so it must be my turn to write the daily again. I have been out all evening playing cricket and eating BBQ so I haven't had much time to find some links - however here are a few for you to enjoy:

  • First things first. The Organisers behind the US Grand Prix in Austin announced they have bought the land for the site and will start building the track soon (we hope). Heres's the official website and Adam Cooper's take on the announcement. I love how the local conservationists remarked that “We all feel like it would be the lesser of two evils. Are we excited about it? No. But it’s better than 2,000 teeny-tiny tract houses.” Quite.
  • Christine and Mr. C. have been busy writing posts too. Apparently they have been invited to the RenaultF1 factory in Enstone to watch the F1 this weekend all posh like. Sounds like great fun!
  • Also, the first of the second round matchups in the character cup has been posted, and it's a toughie. It's 'Frankenstein' Petrov vs. 'The Hulk' - neither of which are really known for their character, TBH...
  • Mark Webber has also shown us a lap around the Hungaroring. Also, Leigh O' Gorman has previewed the race with the same video attached. Let's hope it's a great race this weekend, eh?
  • Christine has found a few weird and wonderful mugs as well. One which likes cuddles, one which stirs the tea for you and one which looks like a vacuum cleaner. I had a porcelain coffee mug without a handle, once...
  • Speedhunters have posted some excellent F1 photos from the 60's and 70's - amazing how things have changed and some great pics too. Check them out here.
  • Jordan Wilman was so mad about the race on Sunday he made a video and put it on YouTube. It's quite good and makes you think "...what if?"
  • It seems that F1Wolf has had a bit of wild weather where he lives. Hope everything is OK mate!
  • RG has written a great post for Triple League Racing about the misfortunes of Liuzzi and it is well worth a read. For my take, I reckon Di Resta will probably get a go in that seat in the not too distant future...
  • Finally, I saw this weird video which is a combination of stop motion and time-lapse photography called 'Walking Across America'. It's a very cool movie and the Behind the Scenes video is just as interesting too.

So that's your lot for today then. Sadly, I will be returning the car today as my parents-in-law come home from their holidays, so we will be having them over for dinner too :)

I hope you have a wonderful day and see you in the comments...

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