Hello, pretty people. Let me begin by telling you that Mr C told me just now: "It's October on Sunday." I'm hoping it isn't, otherwise we have lost two months of our year. As it is, we are here, on the last day of July, and I am more than happy because we finally have broadband in our new house. I've been making do with other ways and means, but lovely broadband is a gift from above. Now, onto other, more important things.

Kimi Raikkonen participates in the Finland Rally along with Mikko Hirvonen, as mentioned below

Credit: GEPA Pictures/Red Bull Photofiles/Vesa Koivunen

Kimi Raikkonen participates in the Finland Rally along with Mikko Hirvonen, as mentioned below

  • It is Mikko Hirvonen's birthday today and the Finnish rally driver prepared for his big day by getting himself in a rather large crash during one of the stages of... whichever rally is going on at the moment. Steven linked to video of the big roll and it certainly looks like the pair might have been getting dizzy.
  • There's been lots of speculation over who might be joining the grid next year and we now know that it won't be the Cypher Group. The American outfit have withdrawn their application to be considered for 2011 because of budgetary concerns. This means that Jonathan Summerton appears to be without a drive again and I can't wait to see what he has to say on Twitter over hte next few days about it.
  • Free Practice yesterday strongly suggested that Red Bull would be once again dominant, and Hungary being the track that it is, it's unlikely anyone can touch them. Kubica looks like he might be strong, even more so than the McLarens, and Alonso also finished the day quite high up the order. You can review the results of FP1 and FP2 right here on Sidepodcast, and get ready for two more live commenting threads today. I'll be Factbyte Factboxing my way through qualifying today so make sure you tune in if you can. We'll be testing out bits and bobs and generally making the FBFB even more awesome!
  • Two other quick notes to finish - don't forget to vote in the Character Cup today - Bruno Senna and Felipe Massa fight to be the Brazilian of this round into the semi-final.
  • Finally, RG pointed out the latest developer diary for the new F1 game and it is quite an amazing video! I'm not a huge fan of racing games, mostly because I am rubbish at them, but I do like the idea of the media, press conferences, working together as a team, how the paddock reacts to you being directly affected by how you perform out on track. It will be very interesting to see how people get on once this game is released.

That should do it for now. I hope you're having a good weekend, and enjoying Hungary as much as is possible. I'm going to go now and revel in my new found speedy broadband. Love to all and I'll see you in the comments!

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