Sadly, RG is currently trapped in his home due to the the dangerous snow levels currently being suffered by those in the North East of England and Scotland. Because of this... tragic, situation, RG is unable to actually do a proper daily. Instead, we will go straight to the live broadcast of Link Match Special, covering the first test of the world famous Dead-Links Series, of course famously named after the first Link Match between these two great nations, in which the links were deleted and stored inside a recycle bin. Any way, lets go to the action.


Boycatt: "...I do think that chocolate cake is better than carrott cake myself. You can just taste the flavour much more."

Daggers: "Must say I do agree. Hello to you from Sidepodcast now, we should say the score is at 155-3 and a change in the attack, Sidepodcast coming into bowl."

Boycatt: "They look like they could do some damage, they had a big break during the summer getting ready for this and their warm up podcasts have shown some magic in them. In they come, AND ITS A BEAUTY, totally perfect, one could not ask for more. Slower stuff than what we are used too and its fooled everyone here. Including us."

Vaughn: "Looks great, but the replacement isn't too shabby either, VivaF1, in a fine run of form and scored a cracking amount only the other week. They've been a bit cheeky by swapping who writes under them, but I have a good feeling this Swap Shop can really give a cause for concern for the opposition."

Daggers: "Yeah, thats shown after that link, but I do worry for them, they are giving away a lot of things, mainly books, and that is a part of the game they should be careful about."

Boycatt: "I don't think that is true, its good for their game no doubt."

Daggers: "At the other end we have some chap called Heikki Kovalainen, he did well here back in 2004, not done much since."

Boycatt: "I tell you what, he could make quite the impact today."

Daggers: "And.... ooooooh, thats a nasty one from the pace, venemous delivery and that will hurt in the morning."

Vaughn: "I question the decision to have his girlfriend standing right next to him at the time."

Boycatt: "We've had a few problems with it today, its broadcasting has not been up to scratch, but you know, we might just get on with it and have a good spell towards the end of the session."

Daggers: "Here's hoping."

Boycatt: "I remember back in the day..."

Vaughn: "No one cares mate."

Boycatt: "Oh. Sidepodcast coming in again, its good, edged, and caught by Adam Burn. Terrific stuff by the duo, a diving catch and the Aussies have something to shout about at least there, almost as good as the view at Mount Panorama. And I do believe that should be that."

Daggers: "So much so, next delivery comi.... just what are you doing Boycatt?"

Boycatt: "Sorry, I was just counting down to some stuff I like."

Daggers: "Er, why?"

Boycatt: "Some of us can't wait for some stuff, you should use it, you are on twitter right, get this down you, you won't want to forget it."

Daggers: "Yeah, sure, whatever, just make sure it doesn't have the same name as the series."

Vaughn: "Ehh, yeah, who cares."


And that concludes our live coverage of the fifth day of the first test. RG would like to pass on his nutrality in the Ashes, by saying COME ON ENGLAND. And in other sport, would like to remind football fans that Tottenham beat Liverpool 2-1, just before Amanda reminds us all tomorrow.

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