Good day to all of you out there in Sidepodland! How are you all? Having a nice day?  Do let us know what you’re up to, whether it be making the most of the snow, household chores or just doing a bit of Christmas shopping we’re always interested in the comments.

I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know that there are only 15 Sundays left until the brand new season starts again. However you’ll not get much time for a rest today as there is still some motorsport going on, with the Race of Champions being held in Germany this weekend. Yesterday was the day of the nations cup, where countries battled it out to be crowned Champion. If you’ve seen previous years the result will come as no surprise to you.  You can catch up with interviews and behind the scenes chats presented by our favourite Crofty in the official podcasts. We all sat down yesterday to watch and live comment the event but I’m sorry to report that not even half of the commenters were able to enjoy their evening as planned. Mr C has written about the problems here, let’s hope that today’s show is an improvement.

Speaking of Sidepodcast posts have you all been keeping up to date with the blogs that have been published recently? If so you’ll have read Christine’s post on F1’s very own DJ, Timo Glock, applied for a new job, and listened to the latest Joe show.....Well.... have you?

Something to stay tuned for this week are the resulting posts of the latest VivaF1 blog swap shop.

In F1 news,  a couple of F1 personalities appear to have doubles. Following my sighting of an Ant Davidson looky likey on the train Saturday morning Jenson pointed out yesterday that this isn’t a photo of him.  how freaky! Anyone seen their own F1 looky likey?

Defo not me! I always travel with bags plus I've never owned that top... Freaky though!

The_Real_JB's Twitter avatarThe_Real_JB

Podcast of the week

Yes, that’s right it’s that time of the week again. In a new feature for my off season daily posts I bring you the latest Classic podcast from the amazing duo. This time Mr and Mrs C head off to their first Grand Prix, much like our Sidepodtrip to Spa this year it seems like Mr and Mrs C had a great time. Check out what they got up to, again this is a podcast I’ve listened to alot, and each time I do I still get jealous of what a great experience they had.

Episode 25: Britain GP Special

Sidepodcast audio preview

I hope you all have a lovely week and i’ll see you back here same time next week for some more links and classic podcast fun.

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