Hello Heikki fans. I was going to say hi in Finnish today but I'm writng this daily on my Kindle (a Sidepodcast first?) and it doesn't have the vowels with the dots. Boo.

Since we last caught up the F1 season had its final two races. In Brazil Heikki was 18th and he followed this up with 17th in Abu Dhabi. These results left him the best new teams driver, giving him 20th in the drivers standings and ensured Lotus remained 10th in the constructors. Thanks for the $$ Heikki!

Like most of the drivers Heikki stayed out in Abu Dhabi to test the Pirelli tyres. He was the first driver to hit the track with the new rubber but for some reason there was no points for this achievement. I'd change this if Mr C was King. Heikki and Catherine had both tweeted throughout their stay at the Yas Hotel pointing out problems they were having with the hotel and advised peple not to stay there. Even if it does glow purple I'll take that on board for when I visit that part of the world!

Rewinding a bit, before Brazil Heikki went to Basel in Switzerland to catch some of the ATP tour. He went to watch Finnish player Jarkko Nieminen win his first round match and also met him after his victory. He also watched Roger practice! He must have been good luck as Roger went on to win the whole tournament.

While he was in Brazil Heikki bought some shares in Air Asia. It's nice to see that he really believes in what Tony Fernandes is doing. I'm flying

Air Asia to the Malaysian GP next year and I'm quite looking forward to flying on the "Lotus" airline. I really like Tony! Heikki also bought his own breakfast to Brazil too which made me laugh.

As usual when not at the track it was all about sports with Heikki losing to Tony at squash and playing lots of badminton with his trainer Petri. He also played golf with Lewis! I like seeing old team mates still be friendly.

Heikki is currently being visited by his parents but even this doesn't stop him training, instead he trains with his dad! Also on the cards is the Race of Champions this weekend which unfortunately I have to miss! My weekend trip away is poorly timed. I will be following the updates on Twitter though. If you are online you can watch at raceofchampions.com for 4.99 EUR for the 2 days action. Go Heikki and go Team Finland! Although his team mate is Danish I couldn't find the proper team name on the website so Team Finland it is.

Finally today I'm spreading the word that you should vote for Heikki's fireman moment in Singapore as LG's F1 moment of the year.

See you in the comments!

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