The sun has almost set on another year...

Credit: Gavin Brown

The sun has almost set on another year...

Hi there. The last Wednesday of 2010 eh? What a year it has been! And while the F1 circus has been on their Christmas Holidays, there have been a few stories of note and plenty from the blogs to link to. So let's get to it eh?

F1 News

Firstly... have you checked out the Sidepodcast Season Review Megamix yet? 19 People participated and it's a really awesome mental collage of the season.

5 Live have also released their review... which is only available on the iPlayer for a few more days (sadly they can't podcast it due to commentary restrictions).

Pirelli have been testing the Toyota TF-109 chassis at Bahrain as part of their testing program for the 2011 season. They ran for 5 days over Christmas for a total distance of 3000km and are confident they will be ready for the start of the season. A Speedhunters reader was on hand and took a few pics of the car. He got quite good access for a fan too!

Jackie Stewart has been talking up the 2010 grid and reckons the talent pool is as good as ever. He reckons great things could come from Vettel, too.

Speaking of rating talent, apparently Hamilton only gives himself a rating of 6 out of 10 for the season. He also said in an interview that he also has some personal issues he needs to smooth over, but didn't elaborate who this involved...

Apparently there may be some changes coming to the F1 Timing App... but the link in this tweet doesn't seem to work, so I am not sure what they are!

From The Blogs

Guille has written a couple of great posts about the Dakar Rally - one about the history and one about the vehicles. They're great posts and I look forward to this event as it's truly epic. Defending Champion Carlos Sainz is cautiously optimistic for his chances this year, which is good because I've always been a fan of his...

Leigh O'Gorman has been a busy fellow over Christmas and has two posts for you - one about the new TV package for the F2 series and a great post about a BRDC International Trophy Event at Silverstone in 1973 that featured an epic battle, and snow!

AnF1Blog has a piece on why 2011 is an important year for Massa. Which it is really, as we all hope he can regain the spark that saw him drive really well in 2008 and 2009. Effjuan has a really good summary of the career of F1's nearly man, Carlos Reutemann. A fascinating character and an equally fascinating article.

The Sidepodcast Calendar has expanded - more details here. It looks to be a pretty comprehensive list of Motorsport events, birthdays and other highlights!

James Allen has started posting a series of articles called "A Personal Review of the Year". Each one focuses on a different team, and he has posted ones on Red Bull, Mercedes and Force India. Some interesting insight there. His former employers have also posted their season review too.

The Funny Side Of F1

Mark Webber tweeted this morning that he was wearing an interesting "Fur Coat" - but that's not as interesting as the morning hair and beard, mate!

Karun Chandhok shows us yet again he's on the ball, while Sergio Perez insists he's no Mickey Mouse driver ;) Timo Glock shows us what he had for breakfast, while Lewis Hamilton ponders the name for his new F1 car. Finally Robert Kubica wondered what the funny vibrations were in his cockpit at Bahrain...

Tech News

Apple have taken a patent out on some kind of amazini 3D-Holograph Screen Thingy that doesn't even need those dorky glasses. Hmm. I really dislike 3D in films as it's gimmicky, it gives me a headache and it doesn't add to the movie. I'll be interested to see what this ends up as though.

Google have released a tool called NGram, which visualizes data based on number of references in the Google Library. It's a really neat little tool and you get some very interesting results.

The Stuff I Wanted To Link To That Doesn't Fit In The Other Categories ;)

Let's start with the Sports Pictures of 2010 - not a definitive list, but some great pics nonetheless! What about the Movies of 2010? (Language warning!) How many have you seen?

Speaking of films, The Empire Strikes Back is to be preserved in the National Library of Congress in the USA. I wonder if George Lucas will be allowed to tinker with that copy when he updates the film next time ;)

The last WHOsday is up, and it's Rose and the Matt Smith Doctor. Awesome. He says he's going to draw Tom Baker at some point, for which I can't wait for!

Joe found a chocolate coated cotton jacket, but that can't be right that it's partly made of chocolate? Surely it would melt in the heat?

BBC ponder whether the American Top Gear will be any good. I've never seen it, as I got bored of the original anyway. But remakes often are never as good as the original concept. What do you guys reckon?

Finally, spare a thought for the poor train travellers this winter - who have to put up with some mind-numbing delays and equally mystifying reasons why. Take this lot for example - 13 Hours delayed for all sorts of odd reasons. I think I would have gone mental on that train!

So there's your daily helping of links - I hope you enjoyed them. Have a Happy New Year and here's to a 2011 that's 5 Pints of Awesome! :D

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