Hello, good morning, afternoon, evening or very late evening/night. So it’s my last daily in year 2010. I hope it was a good year, but I hope the upcoming 2011 will be better for all of you. And me. :-) I also hope you had fantastic Christmas wherever and however you might have spent it.

As for me I had very busy Christmas this year, oh yeah ... I had to catch up with some sleep, tennis, football Champions League classics, winter sports reviews, previews, reviews of reviews and Premier League so I've been quite busy. Busy with relaxing. :-) Even though the world of sports and formula 1 particulary took some days off this fantastic channel provided my with some good stuff. Thank you God (of sports) for Eurosport! Otherwise ... I do not even want to think about it. :-)

Even Joe took himself days off and so the rest of the paddock did as there are very, very few till none F1 related news. Except from Christmas messages which Lou gathered in the Boxing Day daily there is ... very little news, in fact I really struggled to find some but I did. For you lovely readers. :-) I also found this. Hahahahaaaaaa!! Lovely. Timo, du Witzbold, du! (Timo, you joker!)

F1 news:

So. That's quite all ... yeah, I know, rather poor. We have to wait till they all get back from their holidays.

In the meantime you might fancy a new wallpaper? I like nr 12.

Other news:

There is also some sport to look forward to this week. Tomorrow and on Wednesday there are some more Premier League fixtures scheduled and we are playing Wolves on Wednesday so be sure to cheer for the right team! Also tomorrow the highlight of the winter sporst finally begins: The Four Hills Tournament. There is no other event or competition more prestigious than this one. Since the begining in 1952 only one ski jumper, Sven Hannawald, managed to win at all four venues. Yeah, he did it only to annoy me. Nowadays he is racing in a quite interesting racing series ADAC Masters.

I think this is a nice story to finish up with. Make sure to catch up with the latest episodes of the Advent Calendar if you haven't done it yet and enjoy the last days of 2010!

P.S. Robin van Persie just scored 1:0 for Arsenal (33'). Who else? Year 1983 rules. :-) I am off to watch the rest of the match. Take care!

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