No-one posted a daily today so to save Mr C wasting three hours of his life writing one I volunteered. I blame Lou. There was a time when I volunteered other people to do things but Lou has turned that on its head and now she is volunteering other people and I am volunteering myself even before someone suggests it. She has a lot to answer for.

Since this is a last minute post I have not been noting down interesting links over the past few hours you will need to settle for what I remember and what I trip over while trying to find them. I need an interesting links auto-logger that files interesting links without me having to do anything. I am sure Mr C will write me one when he has a gap in his coding schedule.

When looking for quotable F1 links in an emergency the best person to go to is Sir Jackie Stewart. Today is no different. First he said that the current F1 field is the best ever. If you are going to make a quotable comment you may as well make it a good one. Of course the field can always be improved and JYS’s suggested improvement is for Force India to put Paul di Resta in one of its cars next season. What a sensible fellow Sir Jackie is.

We are starting to get some comments on next season’s cars. Adrian Newey says the Red Bull RB7 will be an evolution of 2009’s RB6 which in itself was an evolution of the previous season’s RB5. Of course while the car may be evolutionary that is not to say that it won’t have some revolutionary features.

Some quotes seem redundant. For example why is Juan Pablo Montoya announcing that he has no intention of returning to F1? Did anyone really think he would go back and would any competitive team consider signing him?

Jules Bianchi is in the odd position of being a Lotus and Ferrari driver next season. He is driving for ART Lotus in GP2 and is the Ferrari reserve driver in F1. I thought having two Lotuses was confusing but someone driving for Lotus and Ferrari is just odd. Bianchi is clearly impressed with the Ferrari Academy but he would say that wouldn’t he?

Ferrari’s annual Wroooom Ferrari and Ducati Press Ski Meeting (catchy title) takes place in the Italian Dolomites each year and one interesting rivalry this year is that of Fernando Alonso and Ducati new boy and greatest bike racer in history Valentino Rossi. When Rossi tested a Ferrari F1 car a few years ago Alonso said that he thought that Rossi may be able to improve to the level where it would be possible for him to get podium finishes but given equal experience Alonso thought he could do the same in Moto GP. Rossi clearly disagreed as he challenged Alonso to a three part race in F1 cars, Moto GP bikes and rally cars. So far Alonso has not taken up the challenge but I am sure he will not react well if Rossi beats him on ice especially as Valentino is still suffering from the injuries that ruined his last season at Yamaha and the shoulder operation resulting from those injuries.

I have now run out of links so that is your lot for today. I hope you are not to disappointed with a daily that was thrown together and as they say on all the best posts I will see you in the comments.

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