NFL for rookies

A while back we live commented the Superbowl. Initially this was going to be a one off event but Sidepodcast being Sidepodcast it grew arms and legs and after live commenting one game a week for a season or two we now have a live commenting thread open all weekend where people can discuss whichever NFL game takes their interest.

New York Yankees visit Boston Red Sox

Our first baseball game of the season sees the New York Yankees visit Fenway Park to take on the Boston Red Sox. The season is only two weeks old and the teams have only played around a dozen of the 162 games that make up the regular season. So we don't have any clear idea yet of the kind of season the teams will have. This is the biggest rivalry in baseball so you can guarantee that both teams will be determined to get the upper hand. Like most sports it is easy to grasp the basics of baseball but the subtleties can take a lifetime to understand. If you are new to the game we will do our best to keep you right.

Super Bowl XLVI

70,000 people will pack into Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, while more than 160 million are expected to watch online or on television. This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, when the biggest sporting event in America, if not the world, pits the New York Giants against the New England Patriots in the 46th annual Super Bowl. Madonna will provide half-time entertainment and watch out for those once-in-a-lifetime, $4 million a head, commercials.

Superbowl 46 preview (or Badgers and Mascara redux)

Welcome to Kai and Steven’s second annual sidepodcast Superbowl preview. As you will know if you were paying attention last weekend the New York Giants who are the champions of the NFC (and Kai’s favourites) play the AFC champion New England Patriots at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis in Superbowl 46. This is a repeat of Superbowl 42 which against the odds was won by the Giants. The game takes place on Sunday February 5th and kicks off at 6:30pm Eastern / 11:30pm GMT, and there will be a live event available for commenting on during the action.

Baltimore Ravens at the New England Patriots

This is the playoff game to establish the best team in the American Conference (AFC) with that team playing the winner of the National Conference (NFC) in the Superbowl. Both teams had excellent regular seasons winning 12 and 13 out of 16 games respectively. In the last round of playoffs, the Ravens beat the Houston Texans 20-13 while the Patriots destroyed the Denver Broncos ubiquitous Tim Tebow by 35 points.

New York Giants at the Green Bay Packers

Tonight's game is a divisional playoff with the winners taking on the San Francisco 49ers for the championship of the National Football Conference. The winner of that match, plays the winner of the American Football Conference in the Superbowl. The Giants scraped through to the playoffs by beating the Dallas Cowboys in a winner takes all final game of the regular season. Green Bay on the other hand won 15 of 16 games and had clearly the best record in the NFC.

Sidepodspace - Soyuz TMA-03M launch

On Wednesday December 21st at 8:16am Eastern / 13:16pm a Soyuz will blast of from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on route to the International Space Station. Naturally sidepodcast will live comment the event. It seems like a long time since we watched a launch. That is partly due to the Soyuz fleet being grounded after problems with an unmanned flight and partly because I totally screwed up the launch date for the first launch after the vehicle was declared safe.

NFL - Minnesota Vikings at the Chicago Bears

Both of these teams play in the NFC North division and both of them are struggling. Chicago have won 2 and lost 3 games this season and the Vikings are doing even worse having only won one of five. However that does not mean the match has nothing to recommend it.

Rangers at the Rays - ALDS game 4

The Sidepodcast community will live comment its first baseball match at 19:00 (GMT +1), 14:00 (EST) today. Other than to enjoy the game the reason for this live session is to allow Mr C to get a grasp of the game and decide whether he should buy the app, subscribe to the TV station and see if he can figure out the on screen graphics and potential to create graphs from all the stats.

STS135 - It’s the final countdown

Sadly after 30 years and 135 missions the final space shuttle launches on Friday.

Daily: 30th June 2011

Hope the Coal Hole crowd don't have hangovers. shhhhhhhhhhhh

Space Shuttle Launch STS-134

Today should have been the launch of the last shuttle mission ever but NASA knew that sidepodcast would miss it too much so we have one last bonus mission after this. Today however is the last mission for the shuttle Endeavour. Rather than waffle on at length I will just give few relevant facts.

Superbowl XLV

Well we have finally arrived at the climax to the NFL season and the big talking point is the weather. We have two teams who are used to playing in freezing conditions and while we expected to be discussing how they would adapt to the heat of Dallas instead Dallas has snow. I wonder what the odds were of two teams from the frozen north meeting in the Superbowl in Dallas while Dallas was snowbound. Anyone betting on that at the start of the season would have made enough money to get a black market ticket to the game.

32, 56, badgers, mascara, hike!

32, 56, badgers, mascara, hike!... Who knows what the quarterback says in the huddle and who knows what the black stuff all those huge men wear under their eyes is?

Live NFL - Not quite the Superbowl

Tonight we have the conference championship games which are effectively the semi-finals of the superbowl. The NFL is made up of two conferences; American and National and the winners of those conferences meet at the superbowl which this year takes place at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas on February 6th starting at 11pm UK time which is 5pm local(Central) time.

Daily: 20th January 2011

Those of you looking for Alex’s post may be disappointed as he is not writing it today. Rather than ask for volunteers to cover for him Alex dived into the comments and found Steven and Kai and volunteered Normally doing a daily is not a big deal but people expect something special from Alex and we don’t like to leave anyone disappointed. We knocked around a few suggestions but it was Christine who gave us the idea of fighting a duel.

Daily: 30th December 2010

SURPRISE!! No-one posted a daily today so to save Mr C wasting three hours of his life writing one I volunteered. I blame Lou. There was a time when I volunteered other people to do things but Lou has turned that on its head and now she is volunteering other people and I am volunteering myself even before someone suggests it. She has a lot to answer for.

Daily: 20th December 2010

Welcome to Monday. RG went off to bed feeling ill so Lou volunteered me as a last minute substitute. I do not have an inventive daily planned like RG’s recent fabulous post so you will need to settle for something a bit more basic. On Sunday night Christine broke out the Factbyte Factbox to cover the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. The replay is available for those who missed it.

Daily: 10th October 2010

Since Lou is feeling ill I am doing today’s daily post and its theme is science with a twist. So today is sidepodscience day. I am sure by now everyone is aware of the anti-awards shows that have appeared over the last decade which award prizes not for excellence but for failure or someone other apparently negative reason. The first one I became aware of were the razzies (raspberries) which are the anti-Oscars.

Daily: 23rd September 2010

Hello all and happy Thursday. Not sure happy Thursday and sidepodcast go together but there must be some good news around. Take 1. Mr C is ill so that is not so good. He claims to be dying but Christine is not convinced. Get well soon Mr C.