I met with Mr and Mrs C last week and they did not give me any assurances I was seeking about the future of the Daily Posts. I then told them that I would no longer be writing Daily Posts for Sidepodcast. I have never had anything but complete respect for Sidepodcast. How could I not have done given its fantastic Debriefs and especially the last six months of Dailies in which I have been lucky to write for. For me its all about being read by the best - as the site has always done under Mr and Mrs C. Despite recent difficulties, I know I will always owe Mr and Mrs C a huge debt.





(Tens of angry commenters protesting in Doohickey about proposed move to rival website)



I am delighted to say I will be continuing writing for Sidepodcast with the Daily Posts.

Korean Grand Prix

So... I suppose that wasn't too bad then. Despite the fact I'm here, getting up at 6am and still manage to miss the end of the race to get to my football match at 10am (we drew 6-6, more entertaining than PSV-Feyenoord too). Safety Cars, red flags, rain, darkness, overtaking, crashes and stupid idiots who can't drive deciding it would be fun to run into the side of cars that I take a liking to. Yes Buemi and Sutil, my eyes are squarely on you. Hey, I suppose you want some useful links to todays action, well here you go:

  • F1 Minute is of course back, and its amazing what Mrs C can fit into one whole minute. 60 seconds, so on, so on.
  • You've forgotten how Jarno Trulli retired haven't you? Fear not, because Leigh has got every single last detail about the race in his blog post. Frankly its like an encyclopedia.
  • If your after the more, brief version of events, look no further than Lukeh's Gridwalk Talk site, its brilliant (and thats just for the title).
  • Then of course, there is my New Teams Championship. Which, in all fairness, is all wrapped up now. Thanks Lotus.
  • And finally there is Sebastian's Whats the Points, examining how different the points would be if we used the old systems.

Remember, there are only two more races left in the season, and the next race is in Brazil in two weeks time.


Newcastle Diamonds v Ipswich Witches. One is the Premier League side and the other is the Elite League side expected to walk all over them. Coming into Heat 15 it is 43-41 to the Diamonds, a glimmer of hope to take into Thursday's second leg to determine who ends up in the Elite League next season. And then bang, the Witches hook it together and win 44-46, ruining dreams of many, many Geordies.

They'll get trounced in the second leg, but still.

Week Ahead in Sport

Not much really.

  • Tennis in Doha, Sony Ericsson Championships.
  • More Rugby League next weekend, New Zealand-Papua New Guinea and Australia-England
  • Rowing World Championships from Lake Karapiro in New Zealand from next Sunday
  • The 'Mickey Mouse' of a cup Arsenal appear to be taking seriously for the first time under Arsene Wenger, the Carling Cup.
  • MotoGP at everyones favourite Portugese circuit Portimao

Thats all from me this week, just trying out a new layout, hope it looks good. Would just like to say that there is a new Greggs' opening up within a two minute walk of my house. That make my count of the amount of Greggs' in the NewcastleGateshead region to 15. Look at what your missing out on doon south.

Be kind to Monday.

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