Yesterday on a well-known team radio: Peeeep! “Fernando, you and the team deserve to read this daily post. You and the team deserve to read this daily post. It’s beautiful. Grande.” Peeeep!

And who deserves to read my daily even more than El Maestro? You, my dear sidepodcasters! And since I’m still in party mood after Sunday, I shall only provide you with merry news and links. You may ask why I am in such a “Champagnerlaune”, as we call it in Germany. There are two big reasons why I just want to kiss and hug everyone:

  • Firstly: My man in the Formula 1, Fernando Alonso, surprisingly won the Chaos of Yeongam, also known as the Korean GP. What a race that was! What a finish that was! What a … but actually I don’t have to tell you how it was, because you all know everything about it thanks to Great, great joy for both of us, Fernando and me. *g*  And his on-board-celebration? Oh dear, I love it!! I could listen to this for hours, to be honest.
  • With (sadly) only two races to go, Alonso is now leading the championship, and as far as I’m concerned, I can smell the 3rd title un poquito. *g* By the way … if you google Sebastian Vettel you might find something like this. Charming. And just in case the idea might have popped into your mind in this very moment: if you google Michael Schumacher you’ll find diamonds like this.
  • Secondly: We finally won again!!! 2:1 against Blackburn. What a relief. Fuuuu! Even more important is the fact that our performance wasn’t that bad and that our Golden Boy scored again. Hopefully this goal means he overcame his mental block and he’ll keep on banging the ball into the net again and again! The 18th position is just not where we belong. Very, very uncomfy …

More F1 news:

Elsewhere …:

  • Apart from F1 there’s wasn’t much racing at all. Only NASCAR in Martinsville. Monty started good (when The Unofficial NASCAR Expert of Holland called me to fill me in, Monty was 5th), but finished only 19th. The winner is Danny Hamlin, ahead of Mark Martin and Kevin Harwick.

But in footie! Oh, there’s been some amazing scenes! I shall start with …:

  • … in Spain. In with Spain. LOL Real Madrid won against Racing Santander 6:0. Again! I mean, 6 goals once again. But THE thing is that four of them were scored by one man: Cristiano “The Diva” Ronaldo. I have to admit, Cristiano is a great footballer, but a terrible actor
  • Barca defeated Zaragoza “only” 2:0 and Atletico lost 0:2 (ouch!) against Villareal. And no news about Forlan this week. Well, actually … there’s been some news about his possible move to Liverpool as a direct replacement for Fernando Torres, if he really wanted to go, but … maaaah. Torres won’t leave us. And anyway, is not a trustable site. Do not try it at home or anywhere else, children!
  • Even more amazing scenes occurred in the Dutch League (Eredivisie), where PSV Eindhoven defeated Feyenoord Rotterdam 10:0. Yes!! It’s not a fatamorgana, you’ve seen it right. 10:0 (in words: ten-nil). You can watch the goals here. The Unofficial NASCAR Expert of Holland is a Feyenoord fan, but hadn’t much to say about that when he called.
  • Talking about goals: did you ever wonder about the best or funniest (or best and funniest, if you are able to multitask) goal celebration ever? No? Here’s your chance to finally tick off this task. Watch it here. It’s perfectly brilliant.

For something slightly different:

  • On this day in 1959 the Soviet Union has revealed the first pictures of the far side of the Moon. They did not do it via twitter, children!
  • It’s Seth McFarlane’s, the creator of “Family Guy”, birthday today. Read some quite interesting facts on him here. Thank you Seth, chap!! “Family Guy” is brilliant.

Before I go I’d like to finish up with a shout out for Heikki’s competition. Today he tried to reach some of those who took joined the competition, but no one picked up!! Maybe they didn’t see the number …?

This week in sports doesn’t look very busy, as RG already mentioned in his daily yesterday. So, how do you going to spend this week then? What are you up to? Let me know in the comments!

Have a fantastic Tuesday and may the force be with you!

I am off to listen to the newest F1 Debrief. I already said that, but I love the outtake. Great laugh! *g*

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