Hey everyone! I hope you're all well, I'm back from a rather unanticipated 2 week break, and on that note a quick thanks to Steven and Lukeh for filling in for me last minute.

Today, as with most good Sundays, is of course race day! Wohoo! The race we all thought would never happen is about to erm happen.

  • How about some predictions from you all then?
  • How many DNFs?
  • How many Safety Cars?
  • Will it rain?
  • Will anyone be able to overtake or will this be another boring Tilkedrome

While you think about those I have some F1 news related things for you to read and enjoy;

I spend most of my evenings over a race weekend looking at various F1 photographs and taking notes about some of my favourite images, so today I thought I'd share 5 of the images that caught my attention (either composition or humour wise) so far this weekend.

Finally on the F1 front, Claire Williams has just tweeted;

Raceday has brought rain...could make things v interesting if it stays like this! Excellent!

's Twitter avatar

Yaay for rain - Go Jenson!

A Brief Introduction

I've spent most of this week working on a university project called 'constructed realities', as part of this I have been researching plenty of relevant artists and photographers and I came across one I just had to introduce to you. His name is Slinkachu, his main body of work is called 'Little People' and it's truly brilliant. So brilliant I spent some of my very precious Uni money on his book, and it's awesome. My favourite photograph has to be - 'They're not pets, Susan' . His website has more of his work and is definitely worth a look. My Modern Met covered him too. And as if all of this wasn't enough Slinkachu is very internet friendly, you can see a behind the scenes peak at how he set up a recent piece of work on youtube (plus it has everybody's favourite tune from friendly fires!). You can also keep up to date with his new creations and his thoughts about them on his blog. What do you think?

Okay, that's about it from me today, I hope you enjoyed the photography based links on this fine Sunday and I hope you all enjoy the race!

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