The first thing I want to do on this fine Saturday is put that Elton John song in your head. You know the one – Saturday, Saturday etc. Something about fighting...

Saturday is the final day of my working week and I have to say that having two Fridays is awesome. Even though the real Friday is my Thursday, all the people around me that work Monday to Friday are in a good mood, so Fridays are good for me too! If you do have to work today, like I do, I urge you to put your smiley face on and make sure all around you do the same.

I know this sounds a bit 'alternative' (or 'hippy' as I like to say), but I'm hoping today we can all have a positive attitude rather than negative. Ask yourselves every single day about your level of happiness. If you find yourself being negative about most things, even those that previously brought you joy, question your life. Make changes. Seek help from others. Choose to see the bright side of life. Stop and smell the roses.

Enough with the cliches. Hello to Rachel, Alison and Nick. Thank you for coming to visit me in Sydney recently.

Good luck to all the students currently sitting their end of high school exams in Australia.

There is a Grand Prix on this weekend in Korea. I get my information about these things from, and

I'm pretty sure that if you are reading this, you'll know the sites I've just mentioned. Feel free to call me Captain Obvious from now on :) Just make sure that your bookmarks are taking you to the home page of Sidepodcast so you don't miss anything.

It's Alex Zanardi's Birthday, there's a WRC Rally in Spain and V8 Supercars on the Gold Coast in Australia. I'm sure there is more racing going on this weekend, and I'm guessing will have the details.

I think I'll leave you with a few #jeremyfacts.

  • I like Seinfeld and Exclamation Points!
  • I want the new 13 inch MacBook Air.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

MacBook, MacBook, MacBook, Air, Air, Air!

P.S. Go Lewis!

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