Not sure how I'll top supersub Alex's daily post from yesterday, but I shall try my best. Before I begin though, it should be said that inebriated blogging is rarely recommended and I hold Lou responsible for scheduling my daily duty on the eve of a Sidepodmeetup.

A crowd has gathered at the Coal Hole, London.

Credit: Sidepodcast

A crowd has gathered at the Coal Hole, London.

About that meetup. A collection of Sidepodcast readers and listeners met up in London yesterday for some drinks, and a fine old time was had by all. I lost count of the number of bodies in attendance, but it must be considered the biggest gathering thus far. A massive thank you goes out to all who attended in person or who followed the event virtually, you are a bunch of very special friends.

The Past 24 Hours in Formula 1

I'm not the best person to ask what has happened in the past 24 hours, much of it remains a little hazy. However. some news has been trickling in ahead of the return to racing this weekend.

Robert Kubica is pinning his hopes on Renault's new F-duct being introduced this coming Friday.

We will be running the F-duct for the first time this weekend, and we hope it will work straight away so that we have as much practice time as possible to extract the maximum performance from this system.

Robert Kubica

His teammate Vitaly Petrov remains a little more cautious to the prospect of new technology, simply stating the team will certainly "try its best".

The Williams team aren't shy of bringing technical updates to Spa either, with new front and rear wings helping the team move forward faster. While communication officer Claire Williams is simply looking forward to getting back to the track.

Heading out to Spa having missed the past 2 GPs, be prepared for a barrage of tweets! Team v excited to celebrate Rubens' 300 GPs - amazing!

WilliamsF1Team's Twitter avatarWilliamsF1Team

Finally, it's all change on the F1 blogging front too as the wonderful folks at Viva F1 are trialling a new e-magazine concept for introduction next season. Why not, take a look and offer some feedback in the run up to the weekend.

The Next 24 Hours

I'm hoping the next 24 hours will offer some much needed sleep, but another Sidepodcast regular, Gavin, is due to arrive at Heathrow Airport around mid-day today and a group of us will be there to welcome him in.

In the meantime you can keep up with all the goings on this coming weekend with our regular race preview information and catch a lap of the circuit courtesy of championship leader Mark Webber.

If you're looking for something to occupy your time do also check out Leigh's masterful piece of writing on the timely subject of one Bertrand Gachot.

Do let us know what you're up to this fine Wednesday and if I don't see you through the window, I'll see you in the comments.

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