Thursday again! We are now so close to the return of Formula One action, if I'm honest I'm not that bothered about it. A bunch of commenters are off to Spa this weekend to get wet, enjoy the race and atmosphere. You can follow those on twitter via this very handy list.

Last year's Belgium Grand Prix was won by Kimi Raikkonen, it seems that the win will be his last (his 18th overall) in Formula One. Quite apt really as he was considered to be the 'King of Spa'.

Kimi Raikkonen the King of Spa

Credit: kate7j

Kimi Raikkonen the King of Spa

Kimi is now off rallying in the WRC and judging by this picture he seems to be enjoying himself. His team are eager to keep hold of him for another year and Kimi is eager to stay.

F1 News

  • McLaren could yet run the F-Duct at Monza despite saying they wouldn't earlier this week, they will analyse the performance of the F-Duct this weekend and then make a final decision.
  • Former Renault driver Roman Grosjean will be driving at Spa this weekend in place of Ho-Pin Tung who suffered a back injury at the Hungarian Grand Prix.
  • Jaques Villeneuve is prepared to accept a tough start and even race at the back of the field just to lay the foundations of his own team. Provided they get picked by the FIA of course.
  • Joe is hosting another "An audience with Joe" this time in Singapore and tickets are now available, Amy has already booked hers will you be joining her there?


  • An Apple event has been scheduled for September 1st, rumours suggest that they will be unveiling the revamped Apple TV (possibly called iTV) and upgrades for the ipod touch (please be a camera and not just one on the front for facetime).
  • These days quite a lot of devices can be charged through the use of USB, a group of designers have come up with a fascinating concept of having USB slots alongside the normal socket. I don't know about you, but that would come in handy shame it is only a concept.


  • The first series of the F1 Circuits Past and Present has finished but all are still available to listen to, alternativly there is an Omnibus edition with all the shows in the one podcast.
  • As mentioned at the start of the daily, a group of sidepodcast commenters are off to Spa this weekend and their journey begins today. Lou has created a sidepodbanner and also a 5Live banner for the event and I'm sure you agree they look fantastic.

That is it for this daily post, I have attempted to be different with the structure and I hope you like it (bullet points are cool). I hope everyone going to Spa has a safe journey and I shall see you in the comments!

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