Hello World, and welcome to Friday's Daily.

I am startledbunny, and I'm covering for Lukeh while he is off, somewhere in Europe, but more about that in a moment. I make a Monthly Podcast, a kind of mixtape, featuring new music. I also did a small show for Nikki for Sidepodradio, but that is more than enough about me, it's all about the Unordered List, known as Bullet Points.

  • Amy, Bassano, Chris, Gavin, Kathi, Lou, Lukeh, Pad-Rock, Pamela, Pat, and Guille,
  • are getting ready to go see Free Practice today at Spa.
  • It's amazing that the circuit used to be twice the length it is today. Christine talks about Spa here.
  • Mark Webber takes you round the track in the simulator here.
  • It looks as though loads of you attended the Meetup in London on Tuesday. Wish I could have been there.
  • Leigh put out a post regarding a Go-Karting Benefit event, with Special Guest star being none other than Mark Webber.
  • As was mentioned in yesterday's daily from James, Joe Saward will be hosting another "An Audience With Joe" in Singapore. Here are the details.
  • One piece of trivia for you. Felipe Massa has travelled the furthest during the GPs so far, with 2260.856 miles under his belt. Fernando Alonso is next, with 2256.677 miles. They are the only two drivers to finish all the races, but nobody has completed every single lap so far this season. Robert Kubica was the only driver on course to do that until his retirement at Silverstone.

Another couple of points unrelated to Motorsport.

  • If you're looking for new Podcasts to subscribe or listen to, then I can recommend Dave Cusick's That Sound podcast. He used to be a
  • DJ on Portland State University's Radio Station KPSU, and released his show as a Podcast, originally called the Post-Modern Rock Show. I've been listening for five years, and my music collection has grown a lot since listening to him.
  • Seen as I'm covering for Lukeh, this post cannot pass without something Muse related. So, Muse Muse Muse Muse Muse!

Here's hoping you all have a good Friday, and an even better Weekend. If you've been visiting the site, and haven't commented yet, then please do so. I did so over a year ago, and haven't stopped since. You'll not meet a nicer bunch of people anywhere on the internet. See you in the comments!

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