So here we are at last. It is Saturday and Formula 1 has returned to us. Not only is it back, but it brings with it one of the most-loved circuits on the calendar. It also brings with it some, let's say, damp conditions. Alright, it might as well be a monsoon. We've been keeping an eye on our men/ladies on the ground, and by all accounts they got quite wet yesterday. Let's hope today is slightly better for them, and for the action we're hoping to see.

Michael Schumacher can't afford to blink as he heads into Eau Rouge

Credit: Mercedes GP

Michael Schumacher can't afford to blink as he heads into Eau Rouge

I know Mr C has been trying to encourage the bullet points to disappear, but you know what? They got me through a year's worth of daily posts, I think they can go on a bit further. Here goes nothing:

  • There is a fabulous post on Manipe F1, with photos and a description of Naoise's recent track walk. It's not your normal track talk, though, as this is through the eyes of a real fan - seeing the circuit in all it's glory, for the very first time. It wasn't even pouring down with rain, either.
  • Whilst we're talking about Spa, and our fabulous group that are down there, Crofty gave them all a shoutout during Free Practice 1 this morning. The clip can be heard here, and features Mr Crofty being slightly concerned about the lightning.
  • Our Sidepodspa crew were a busy bunch, as they were on it right from the moment that they got there. Stepping out of their transportation to be faced with Jake Humphrey and a camera! They took a starring role on his Twitpic account, and we marvelled at their stardom on their very first day. Where will they be come Sunday?
  • Don't forget that if you haven't already voted on James' excellent poll, you really should. Before the race begins we'll be closing the vote, so take the time now to decide who you think will be the F1 World Champion this year. You've got a few contenders to choose from, but is it going to end up a one horse race, or be wide open? Let us know your thoughts and vote now.
  • The lovely Bridget (who wrote this excellent guest post for us earlier in the month) has a cute post on her own blog wishing Rubens well for his 300th Grand Prix weekend. I particularly like the last line.
  • Oh yes! And Forlan won something. I don't know what. But I'd forgotten he even existed. So yay!

That should do it for now. There's some extra-curricular activities happening today, with some IndyCar racing at Chicagoland (I may be FBFBing that one), and a MotoGP race in the States (probably not FBFBing that one). I will see you in the comments.

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