Hello everyone... this is my first ever daily post! I am currently acting as a super sub. That's right? Do you or your friend have a need for a daily post to be written at the last minute then who you gonna call? That's right... The Ghostbusters. But what if they are out doing their actual job of catching ghosts? What if they don't have time to write daily posts because catching ghosts, I hear, is quite tiring work. Give those guys a break they can't do everything for you you know. So I think we're all agreed the Ghostbusters are out... That's just common sense. I mean what do you do then? The A-Team? Fuggeddaboutit. It's time to get in your friendly neighbourhood Giggles. So lets take a spin through the news. That's what we do right? Links about the events of the day. And we all know what today is about, today is about Amy arriving in London (She actually arrived yesterday - Ed [Shhhh - Alex]).

So all of the links should be either about Amy or London right? That makes sense to me. Lets do this Gladiators style. Links Ready? Bullet Points READY? *whistle*

  • First we have to start in Obviousland with Amy and London's Wikipedia entries. It's lucky that Amy is coming to go to the Belgian Grand Prix rather than the Canadian Grand Prix for a couple of reasons: 1) She's in London and that isn't convenient for Canada and 2) The Canadian's spell Amy "Aimie" so it would be very confusing for her
  • I have found an ice cream company called Amy's Ice Creams. They make a Belgian Chocolate flavour. Coincidence? I think not!
  • Did you know if you type "Amy F1" into Google you get to find out about somebody called Amy who went to the Australian Grand Prix. She told her story on a side called SidePosCast
  • So Amy arrived at the Airport in London yesterday. Don't believe me? Here's the picture But now she's here what is she going to do?
  • One of the things I like to do is go on one of those London hop on hop off busses and correct all of the mistakes of the guy doing the commentary. I mean for goodness sake the last time I was on one the guy said, while we were driving down Picadilly Circus, that it was named after a kind of ruff (those kind of neck doilies that were from oldendays). And it obviously wasn't. It was named after the Picadil which is a piece of metal that you used to keep your ruff looking nice and spread out and covering your neck. I mean that's hardly the same thing at all right? The guy who owned the patent for the picadils made lots of money so he bought that bit of London and named it after his invention. I mean come on Mr Tour Guide check your facts. I can't believe how many tourists might be flying around the world thinking Piccadilly Circus is named after a ruff when it's actually named after the thing that holds up ruffs - crazy. So if you don't want to go on a hop on - lies - hop off tour bus you could have a look at this list from Time Out

So that's it pretty much. Hope you have a great day and make sure you attempt to meet up with everyone going to the Sidepodmeetup. I hope you can join us either in person or virtually!

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