Hello Friday! Nice to see you again, lovely day of the week. Nice to see you too, Sidepodcast visitors and readers alike. Today is a very special day, of course. You see, Formula 1 2010 is now finally out worldwide! Hurrah! Make sure you head over to the dedicated F1 2010 thread to see what everyone else has to say as well as letting us know how you're finding the game. Also, did you know that Honda was found on this very day 62 years ago? Ahh, Honda F1 team were stuff made of legend. Then there was the amazingness that are Brawn. Then, everything went grey and Michael. Nevertheless, maybe you did know that fact. But still, now you double know! Of course, there's plenty more to talk about today.

Paddock News

Don't Turn Off the Lights - Did you hear that Formula 1 lands in the city of Singapore this weekend? It's also the country of Singapore. I wonder if all their cities are called Singapore, that must cause hell for the postmen. Anyways, the always super useful Race Information thread here on Sidepodcast has everything you need to know. You don't need to know more, that is totally enough. I hope it's a good weekend of F1 action though. Free Practise 1 and 2 take place today and as much as I love Karun and his mobile mastermind brain, Ant is back with Crofty and the team are reunited like a knife with butter after a toast drought. I'm quite excited for Singapore. Nick Heidfeld and his amazing new helmet to win!

More Old than Gold - Good (or maybe bad) to hear that Bernie Ecclestone is still completely mental too as he digs up that horrific medals idea once again. I don't understand why to be honest, I think the points system has been marvellous. I was very much doubting it would make any different but we have five drivers going after the championship and it's super close. In fact, if we had medals in 2009, Jenson would not have needed to turn up for the final 4 races. Imagine how upset Lou would have been all because of the little walking mop. The driver's don't seem too convinced though so who knows. Except this one guy, who had the following to say:

"You can't get rid of me that easily!!! Mwahahahahaha!! Mwahaha! Where's Nico? I need some shopping" - Darth Schumacher

Oh wait, that last one is just Schumi telling us he's immortal or something. Immortally awful.


I Can't Beat a Pun Like That - You're really missing out on lots if you don't click that link. As well as a faa-aa-aabulous title from RG, the young Geordie legend that he is has written up a top article with plenty of optimism for this weekend's race and Sauber's chances. I like their chances just as much as I love that title, personally. I even did an amazing drawing to celebrate.

Sato? Crash?! Surely You Jest - Here on Sidepodcast, resident IndyCar fan and general awesome dude Leigh O'Gorman has produced one of his always-worth-reading posts looking at KV Racing's status as a team who enjoy a good old crash here and there. Well, all the time, it seems. I'm not a big IndyCar fan but surely employing Takuma Sato is just asking for trouble?

Adrian Will Try and Enter This for 2011 I bet - for those that know about Gran Turismo 5, you may know that Polyphony Digital are working with a certain Red Bull Racing team and Adrian Newey to create the ultimate car with no restrictions. I believe it's called a Brawn BGP001, but whatever. Nevertheless, it should be something especially with Vettel looking as excited as he does on that link(!). Cool idea though. I'm sure Sherlock Whitmarsh is already sniffing around it with Dr Johnano Domeniwatson.

And for Something Slightly Different...

Seven Years Of Absolute Bliss - As ever, I found myself musically inclined to include the soundtrack to this weeks Daily and it turned out to be Absolution by Muse, easily their strongest and most complete album. It turned past it's 7th birthday this past week too, and although i'm more biased than Christian Horner at a Lucozade energy drink launch, it's such a top album that, as I say, is the band's best by a mile.

Use the Force... Gravity, that is - So yes, yesterday I spent quite a lit of my day playing the quite fantabulous Formula 1 2010 on the Xbox 360. It's really very good but a friend and I got into quite the predicament when an overbearing Schumi tried overtaking our Petrov on Monza only to... well, flip over and seemingly disintegrate. Well he started it anyways in Hungary, the silly man. I hear retirement is the in thing right now. Anyways I do very much recommend the game though if you have an Xbox 360, PC or PS3. It even made Bahrain fun and everything!

So that's that for another week. Enjoy this Friday and I shall see you on that spangly new Sidepodcast Dashboard!

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