We may or may not be expecting a daily from someone else, so I am posting this here for now, in the hopes that no one actually reads it. I wonder if that has ever happened on Sidepodcast before? On my last daily, I was slightly told off for beginning a countdown to the end of the year. It was unintentional, as I do not normally partake in counting down to things. That being the case, I won't tell you that there are now 97 days to go. So, on to the bullet points!

  • The 25th September rings a bell for some reason. What is that? Oh yes, that's right, it's qualifying day for the Singapore GP. I am a big fan of these sessions that begin later on in the day - FP3 doesn't even start till midday, and I am already anticipating the lie-in. If you missed any of the action yesterday, we have everything you could need - live commenting for FP1 and FP2, plus results for FP1 and FP2, and if that's not enough, there's even a 60 second summary to get you up to speed. What more could you ask for?
  • Toro Rosso have been thinking far ahead, past today, way past this weekend, even past the end of the season, and they've confirmed one of the drivers they'll have in the car for the Young Driver Test in November. Firstly, I'm very glad this is to be a regular thing, as I very much enjoyed last year's test - particularly the Who Are They Anyway posts. They look set to make a comeback, as I have no idea who this man is - Jean-Eric Vergne. Apparently he's done well in British Formula 3 if you want to find out more about him. Or you can just wait till November, when we'll do the hard work for you.
  • I apologise for not going out into the wider web and finding super duper links, as an impromptu daily post I am keeping it snappy. Yesterday, Lotus confirmed their name change which came as no surprise to anyone, but may have already landed them in hot water. As the old saying goes, you can't please everyone.
  • Finally, Leigh wrote an excellent guest post on one of the IndyCar teams who appear to have more wrecked cars than we have hot dinners. Then again, with Takuma Sato in your lineup, it's hardly surprising, is it?

That should do it for now. The weather in Singapore isn't exactly looking much brighter for tomorrow, but aside from slowing the lap times down considerably, it didn't have too bad an effect on things earlier today. Let's see what awaits us in qualifying later on - and hopefully I will be Factbyte Factboxing the session, which you can make the most of in the fabulous brand new Dashboard. I think that's been mentioned every day this week, which might be a record. I'm off now, so I will see you in the comments.

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