Hello all and happy Thursday. Not sure happy Thursday and sidepodcast go together but there must be some good news around.

Take 1. Mr C is ill so that is not so good. He claims to be dying but Christine is not convinced. Get well soon Mr C.

Take 2. Amy has completed her European trip and is on a plane to Singapore for the race. Not sure if that is good or bad. Bad that her Euro trip is over already but good that she is getting to see another race. Of course if the weather forecast is correct she may drown and Joe has cancelled his event so on balance it is not great.

Have I cheered you all up yet? Of course all of this happened on Wednesday so you can either take the view that Thursday has to be a better day or you put on a crash helmet and stay in bed all day in case it is worse.I guess I had better find something to distract from a potentially disastrous Thursday.

First Lewis and Jenson are sharing a suite. Isn’t that sweet? I mean sweet that they are sharing and not that suite should be spelled sweet. Of course they may have moved as the Hilton very kindly got the room number in shot so I guess the phone has either been disconnected or thrown out of a 29th floor window by now.

Looks like it is not only Mr C that is suffering. Keeping the GP on Euro time is great in theory but the problem for many of the people who work at races is that they end up working in the area then have to switch back to European time for the race weekend. We have been reading tweets from Karun Chandhok and Jake Humphrey in recent days about their visit to the site of next year’s Indian GP and now Jake is suffering as he tries to convert back to Euro time.

I suppose I should cover some of the interesting space stuff that is happening now. Some of us on Tuesday night were grabbing anything with magnification to watch Jupiter as it won’t be this close again until 2022. It can still be seen for the next few days although it will be a little bit smaller each day. It is still very obvious though. Jupiter is the brightest light in the sky other than the moon. From the Northern hemisphere it can be seen tonight to the left of the moon. It starts low in the sky and rises all night. From tomorrow night it will be on the right of the moon and will gradually move further to the right until it eventually disappears from view. It can quite clearly be seen with the naked eye and you don’t need any specialist knowledge to find it.

I started doing space stuff on this site about two years ago when I mentioned there was a shuttle launch on NASA TV and a few people took an interest. Christine has taken such an interest that she is now supplying me with information. A few days ago she gave me a link to coverage of the upcoming crew movements to and from the International Space Station. There is a permanent crew of 6 people 3 of whom are leaving at 2:35am UK time Friday or 9:35pm Thursday Eastern time and 3 others will be replacing them launching on October 7th. The landing will also be covered by NASA TV but it is not really worth watching. The space shuttle has to land on a runway so even the average F1 TV director can keep a camera pointed at a huge machine falling like a stone from the sky unless of course Rob Smedley is in the area in which case the cameras will be magnetically attracted to him. See what I mean. The Soyuz however parachutes to Earth and can land anywhere over a large plain so it is dumb luck whether you ever see it and the odds against seeing it are so high that I wouldn’t bother watching.

The final piece of space news is that NASA may have found the mythical USF1 toaster. I look forward to confirmation.

So to paraphrase Monty Python if you can’t find anything down here to make your Thursday more pleasant lift your eyes to the sky and you may see a planet, a spaceship or if you have a big magnifying glass USF1’s toaster. See you all in the comments.

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