Hello there, I'm not Christine, it's Gavin here ... as I was unable to write the Daily Post for Wednesday, Christine kindly offered to swap with me, so here I am then.

  • Friday was Free Practice at the German Grand Prix at "Hock-in-half", which I did not get around to seeing, but I hear it was action-packed and that Karun Chandhok did a great job commentating with the 5Live boys. If you want to catch up on the action, check out the FP1 and FP2 Live Threads on Sidepodcast.
  • Not surprisingly, you voted that the Social Media-savvy, fan friendly lover of all things motorsport (Chandhok) beat the grumpy, moody Italian who makes nice wine but doesn't like his fans (Trulli). Today's Character Cup lineup is a lot harder - the outspoken Webber vs. the shy but effective Kubica. Both are good drivers. Both have a dry sense of humour. Yet both can be grumpy and complain about their team. Oo-er!
  • Turkey Machine has written a great Retrospective on Hockenheim, which can be found here. My personal favourite races have to be 1997 (because Berger won in such difficult circumstances) and 2008 (because of all the action). The Kung Fu in '82 is the funniest though ;)
  • Speaking of German retrospectives, AUTOSPORT has written one on Hockenheim and a brilliant article behind the paywall about the epic win in pouring rain in '68 by Sir Jackie Stewart - who dominated the field in atrocious conditions with a broken hand, no less!
  • Nigel Roebuck has written an article for Motorsport Magazine about Alonso's woes this year - quite a good read too as Mr. Roebuck is quite a fan of Mr. Alonso...
  • In other F1 news, Webber is sure of Driver Parity at Red Bull (yeah right!), Schumacher thinks he can get a top 5 place in qualifying (yeah right!) and Rubens has a T-Shirt to celebrate his victory over the Stig (All right!)
  • Mr. C has found a blog by the helmet company Schuberth, after an excellent discussion about helmets during Free Practice 2 yesterday.
  • As you all know, I love the Speedhunters blog. Well this month is photography month and they have showcased some of the photos by the Sutton Agency here. I never knew that they had taken so many iconic F1 photos...
  • Have any of you checked out Luke Pollard of Motorsport in Print's latest venture? It's a Motorsport Cartoon themed clothing site called Unlap and it's very good - some of the T-Shirts are very amusing ;)
  • Finally, don't forget to check AUTOSPORT, VivaF1, James Allen and of course Joe Saward for all the latest news throughout the weekend. There will be a Live Thread here closer to the start of Qualifying, which I will have to miss but I hope you all enjoy it...

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