Hello and welcome to the Daily Post for Sunday 25th July. My name is Andy Taylor and this is my first attempt, so please bear with me. Today is race day as the Hockenheimring hosts the “Formula 1 Grosser Preis Santander von Deutschland 2010” or for most of us, the German Grand Prix. Whilst you all sit down with your nachos, energy based drinks and live commenting, I will be at work, so will have to avoid finding out the result of the race until I am able to watch it on iPlayer.

  • Yesterday saw an interesting qualifying session with Vettel just beating Alonso to pole position by an amazing 2 thousandths of a second or around 19cm on the track, as worked out by Stuart Taylor (no relation).
  • Further down the grid, Button just beat his team mate and apparent BFF Hamilton. Earlier in the weekend, they had a very different race to see who can put up a tent the fastest.
  • Apart from putting one of their cars on pole, Red Bull have had a busy weekend with their sponsors, announcing a new partnership with LG technology and a new range of watches from Casio Interesting fact of the day - LG is short for Lucky Goldstar. There was much hilarity at the Casio launch when one journalist asked Christian Horner which of his drivers had received their new Casio watch first. He replied that they’d got them at exactly the same time and that the team have plenty of spares.
  • Renault have updated their front wing and made it even more fugly than it was before. What were the Renault aerodynamicists thinking? Painting it yellow would help.
  • It’s ex-Renault driver Nelson Piquet Jr’s birthday today, so Happy Birthday Nelsinho.
  • Leigh has asked me to mention that Danny Sullivan will be the ex-driver on the stewarding panel today. Sullivan once won the Indy 500 in very strange circumstances. Massa should take note.
  • Finally, something that’s nothing to do with motor sport. There are a lot of Doctor Who fans here and I think we’re all pretty much agreed that Steven Moffat has done an excellent job with the last series. Now he has turned his attention to another Doctor and his companion and updated the Sherlock Holmes stories with the assistance of Mark Gatiss. The first episode “A Study in Pink” airs tonight at 9pm on BBC1.

That’s about it for me, I’ll be around in the comments after I have watched the race, have a great Sunday.

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