Oh hi, you have caught me in an unexpectedly good mood. Obviously the F1 wasn't the cause of that. Yes you lovely people out there, speedway has once again made me a happy chap. One hand on the Premier Trophy, and here I go into more song and dance. A whole 22 points safe for the second leg, oh its lovely. And Tai Woffinden isn't even involved (that is for tonight). Sadly though, I fear the mood is downhill from here.

  • It happened. It wasn't an awful nightmare, the German Grand Prix happened. Oh dear. I'm sure you are all aware of what happened, Gavin has went in depth with all his pretty graphs into why Ferrari were wrong, Lukeh has talked about it as well. On Sidepodcast there is a specific thread with lots of great discussions going on about it too, do add to it if you have any views. If you aren't interested in all that mess then I have my lovely New Teams Championship (good news if you are Virgin Racing) and do check out Sebastian's 'What's the points' posts he does, looking at how things would be different if they had kept the old points systems.
  • We are into the twelth match-up of the fantastic Character Cup. The fantastic, good looking Timo Glock edged out Nico Rosberg in yesterdays clash and today, you can vote between last years runner up Sebastian Vettel and Heikki Kovalainen. And do check out its wiki page for the 2nd Round matchups.
  • Fantastic photographer lou has got three new blog posts up. Yes that is indeed three, one for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that Goodwood Festival of Speed. She has also promised us a new theme so keep checking that site out for sure.
  • It was full of action yesterday, aside from some F1 we also had some commenting of the NASCAR Brickyard 400, the IndyCar and IndyLights from Edmonton and the MotoGP from Laguna Seca. A very American feel there. The posts were written by Leigh and he knows his stuff on the sports.

Some doom, some good stuff too. And, for the first time since I started writing these I've had a request. Startledbunny is celebrating his 7th anniversary today. 7 years! Congratulations to the both of you today!

So with that, a little skip in the air is your Monday. Sure its not ideal, but we've got the Hungarian Grand Prix coming up, what can possibly go wrong there?

Have a beautiful Monday.

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