It's a bit more than Thursday but not quite Saturday so that must mean it's another Friday! Hurrah! Of course, with the weekend approaching it's my usual request that we all have an awesome Friday. Agreed? Excellent! Have you all had a nice week so far? Well it's the last day of the week now so how about we kick off this Friday in style by getting straight into the bullet points:

  • It is of course the German Grand Prix this weekend and with the prospect of a wet weekend approaching it should be quite something. Perhaps you could head over to Stuart Taylor's fantastic predicitions post which is very funny and I hoping oddly true I feel in what he predicts! Free Practise takes place today so remember to check the Race Information thread with Mr C's awesome new weadgets (weather widgets!) for times before joining myself and others to comment later if you wish to do so. I do admittedly prefer the classic Hockenheim though with the blast through the forest but any F1 is good F1! The circuit is a bit special for me as a Barrichello fan with that incredible drive in 2000 and the tears that ensued so fingers crossed for a good weekend of racing!
  • There have been rumblings around the interwebs that from this weekend all radio transmissions from all teams will be published according to an Auto Motor und Sport article. Although translated, and in no way whatsoever is this true yet just to clarify, this would be very awesome, right? We could get really odd spy-esque speak on the radio as Christian Horner tells Vetel "Sebastien, the tree blows south when the Sun is out" which blatently means overtake Mark and win the championship. Of course. But it would be nice to have total transparency from all teams I reckon. Until we get people passing briefcases whilst wearing trenchcoats and glasses of course.
  • It's another day for the character cup and we had a big victory for Felipe Massa yesterday as Rob Smedley's little buddy managed to overcome a resiliant and surprisingly popular Kamui 'Oh, he is actuaslly quite good!' Kobayashi yesterday. Felipe's had a bit of a rough season so far so I'm sure somewhere in Germany this has cheered him up. Definitely. Nevertheless, that was yesterday and today's battle involves the lovable little Karun Chandhok (who is sadly out of a drive this weekend - boo!) going up against the Italian Winner of Wine and Whine Jarno Trulli. So far it is looking a bit one sided but maybe there are Trulli fans out there somewhere to help the little man out with a few bits of photographic evidence to prove he can win? Maybe! Vote now! After you do, go and look at RG's stupendously lovely Wiki page documenting the tournament so far. Excellent stuff.
  • Finally, a few things to share to round off another set of lovely bullet points. You may have seen this recently as it's began making news headlines but if you haven't you really have to - it's a Newport version of a Jay Z/Alicia Keys song and it is quite hilarious. It does come with 1 or 2 little naughty words but in general it's very light hearted and very funny, especially for someone like myself who lives in the said subject. Other miscellaneous links this week as well include the possibility of a tweeting ET, or so scientists think. I'm just surprised they think with thoughts like that personally. Twee-T, phone home. Finally, the wonderful Steve Carell has talked about wanting to do one of my favourite comedy films Anchorman as a broadway show. That would be amazing!! What a film, though. I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE YELLING ABOUT!!

I think that settles everything for another day. Did you know that 500 million people are now signed up to Facebook? I find that horrifically worrying, but it seems to have become an essential part of everyday life for many. Greggs is much more important. What is really important though is that you have an excellent day and hopefully tune into Free Practise Session 1 (0900 BST) and Session 2 (1300 BST) later today. Until then, or afterwards, settle down to the newest Aside with Joe and indulge in discovering the Formula 1 Phonetic Alphabet, have a cup of tea and come and join us in the comments. You won't regret it.

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