After a series of popular and creative posts, RG took to the streets of the world to talk on how to make the Daily Post even better.


RG: So, Richard, just how can I improve these daily posts?

Richard: Well for one mate I think you could actually start by making actual sense to what you are linking. So say you want to link to Impressions of the Rear by Leigh, then just say you are linking to that, rather than tieing it into some obscure reference regarding a cat, for example.

RG: Erm, okay, thanks Richard. Now, Laura, what do you think?

Laura: Frankly I don't like your daily posts. They are awful, creative, yeah right. I don't even like you, I mean Gateshead Thunder, Spurs, you even like that Formula 1 stuff.

RG: But that is the point of Sidepodcast?

Laura: So? It's boring, so boring, like you and your daily posts. I'm off.

Richard: Oi, you, I saw that obscure reference to link. You didn't even listen to me, I'm off with that girl, wonder if she knows the offside law.

RG: Oh, I see, it was Richard Keys, what a horrible man. Lets just wonder down here, theres someone here, what's your name?

Person: It's Chloe

RG: Hi Ch...

Chloe: Oh my God! You are RG aren't you oh my God I love you so much your daily posts are like soooo awesome and I love them and I think you are fantastic and that you should be like knighted for everything you do and all that and oh my God it really is you can I have an autograph?

RG: Um, sure. I take it there is no improvements you can make to the daily post then?

Chloe: You are making changes? How could you you monster I hate that, don't change ever ever ever ok? Don't change anything for 2011 you can make it such a good year okay like I mean awesome that is what you are no change please.

RG: Thank you Chloe, ahh, here is a man I know I can trust, AJ, how are you my friend?

AJ: Yo man, I am damn good thank you.

RG: So AJ, any changes for my daily post in mind?

AJ: Well less talk of the soccerball is a good thing, start talking bout proper football. With all the Packers, Bears, Jets and Steelers in action and you say nothing, do you even know it exists man? I mean did you see their quarterback in action last night, he was throwing like a pig on fire, it was well awesome. And did you see the result, never saw it coming, so close to victory and defeat given to them on the back of their hands with a long throw eh. Sucks to be them. Losers, losers.

RG: I have no idea what you just said.

AJ: Thats cos your from Britain-land man, wrong football too. U-S-A, U-S-A!

RG: Yeah, yeah. Just remember the score the last time we played you in the football.

AJ: Didn't we tie with you?

RG: If I refuse to awknowledge the existance of Rob Green, your goal doesn't count. Thank you AJ, fantastic insight as ever. So, ladies and gentlemen, thank you to everyone who pitched in to thi...

Person #2: Hi, I'm Ronald.

RG: Er, hi Ronald, you want something?

Ronald: I think you can improve your daily posts by... err, well, I'm really here just to say: Na na na na na, I'm lovin' it. [runs]

RG: Oi, I'll have no promotional material in this daily [runs after him] you come back here you. Come on now. I promise I won't hurt you... much.

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