Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ...! Where did this week go? Time is running so (too) fast, when one's having fun. And we have had loads of it, haven't we? I had. Frankly, I do not know where to start with, so much has been going on lately. There have been some historical moments which can be the beginning of something big. There've been some magical moments (watch the second one, the second one!!), some huge-fun moments, and some moments that cannot be described.

But this is not everything!

Yesterday there's been some moments of despair, of finger-chewing and sheer, physical tension. It all worked out well , and it's going to get even better! I am lovin' it! My, the world is spoiling us (sometimes).

But this is not everything!

There's a saga going on about a boy who wants to leave a club, but it doesn't really work out ... Apparently he already was with one leg in Germany (oh, he would feel at home instantly this big moaner he is), but on the next day he's still there . I don't care where you end up, Ryan, just go! And make space for him. Or him. Or both!! Yes, I want both of them! I do not know what is going on there, just solve it quickly guys!

But this is not everything!

It gets even crazier. Another professional footballer, who used to play (amongst others) for Real Madrid and is currently kicking the ball for the German side HSV Hamburg, desperately wants to go back to Madrid. For free. Yes, he wants to play for free, because "he wants to end his career at Santiago Barnabeu", he said. Well, that's a nice wish, but as long this Ronaldo bloke is sticking around, I don't think it will work out well for you.

But this is not everything!

Barcelona - Racing 3:0. Routine.

Real Madrid - Mallorca 1:0 . Only one goal? No Ronaldo goal SECOND WEEK IN ROW? He's so rubbish. We do not want him. ;-)

Atletico - Sporting 0:1. A sad, sad situation.

But this is not everything!

Spurs not only drew Newcastle (what's going on with you, lads? You're supposed to chase United!!!) but now they have to wait for an olympic decision.

But this is not everything!

Karun Chandhok is flirting with Lotus. Hummm .... And Nico Rosber is waging his finger at Vettel and co. decent beard, Mr.C, ay? ;-)

But this is not everything!

I saved the funniest story for the end: Eric Cantona has been appointed has been appointed as director of soccer at United States club New York Cosmos. And here's the thing: they neither have players nor a stadium. What is he going to manage then? Enjoy the salary, Eric.

And this still is not everything!

Because this week is going to be everything but boring either since Australian Open is getting more and more exciting each day. Do I regret my sleepless nights? Not a single second!

There's also some Premier League action coming up. You do not have to watch all of it, just make sure you tune in on Wednesday and watch us play Fulham. :-)

But until then make sure you read the Tweets of The Week. and listen to the new F1 Debrief. I enjoyed it a lot. Listened to it twice. At the gym. :-)

Now it's everything. I am off to spend some time in bed with Maradona !

P.S. There's also an interesting discussion on women in football (due to the latest Andy Gray/Richard Keys sexism waffle) on the Football Weekly podcast. Some quite ... outrageous, but sadly true, stories.

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