Hello all.  Wednesday, innit?  Better find some links for you then:

Lotus vs. Lotus hit the courts yesterday – with both sides claiming victory and apparently the whole debacle will be decided in 8 weeks, which might be faster than the lawyers want. Lotus are going to launch their car online (which was a great success for Virgin last year, eh?) and Renault talk about their livery – and red endplates.  I do hope you’re not considering a naff leather jacket from Lotus Originals though!

Force India are going to make a BIG announcement today – which Joe says could have some very messy legal complications if not handled correctly.  Anyway, it appears that F1’s worst kept secret will be announced tomorrow – that Paul Di Resta will be driving for Force India, probably in place of Liuzzi.

Ferrari are going to call their new F1 car the F150 in honour of 150 years of the Tricolore – lovely!

Andy Gray was fired for sexist remarks made and Mr. C. wonders if F1 has the same problem, with DC in the commentary box this year.  It has stirred a lively debate in the comments!

Speaking of the unmentionables, Joe wonders why the media seem to love quoting Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds.  There was some discussion in the comments last night about Peter Windsor too.  Should these people be totally shunned by the sport or do they still deserve to be heard?

Viva F1 has a great article about rivalries, comparing the Red Bull and McLaren drivers and how the teams handled their 2010 campaigns.  Don’t forget to check out the Bloggers’ Swap Shop articles either!

Apparently, this portrait of Michael Schumacher hangs in a hotel reception somewhere near Modena.  I always thought of him like the Black Knight in Monty Python!

Have you checked out the latest F1 Minute and F1 Big Picture?

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be… and here is an article about Vittorio Brambilla, Monza Gorilla.  Also some Super 8 footage of F1 cars in slow-mo… from 1971!

We shall close with some Odds and Ends – such as a comparative picture of Shanghai in 1990 vs. 2010, Muppets with people eyes and a fantastic tutorial on how to best draw faces in cartoons.  Some Futuristic F1 designs, pretty food and drinks, a re-enactment of Little Big Planet and a ride in Toyota’s F1 simulator. Check out this very weird interactive HTML movie promoting the new album from Arcade Fire called The Wilderness!

See you in the comments and keep the smile on your face for ”Hump Day” :D

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