Hi there! I’m not Lou, or Lukeh (who she asked to sub in for her), it’s Gavin here writing your Lazy Sunday Daily.  See, Lou went to the Sidepod mini-meet up thing at the Coal Hole and asked Lukeh to do it thinking he couldn’t go.  But little known to her, he planned on surprising her after work and so asked me in secret to write the Daily.

So here I am – and I do hope you are enjoying yourselves and relaxing much.  Hopefully if you were at the mini meet up you have a few stories and pics to share – and that you didn’t get too Bassanoed ;)

There isn’t much in the way of F1 news today so I’ll leave you with some links to blog posts.  Firstly you will probably be seeing most of the Bloggers’ Swap Shop posts going up today – so far I haven’t seen a bit.ly bundle yet but I can tell you that I wrote a post for Pat’s blog.  Here’s a list of the pairings to remind you who is writing for whom.

In other news – Christine has been to a football match – and is planning to blog about it… twice!

Steven found a great video about a sportscar race from Brands Hatch in 1967 called the BOAC 500 – it’s a great piece of film and well worth watching.

Lukeh has been creative this week, ranting about Mary Portas’s disdain for retail employees and making beautiful themed cars in Forza 3. You should name the Muse one Cydonia, Lukeh – as that’s a great driving song!

So that’s all from me – enjoy your day and I will see you in the comments…

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