Hyvää huomenta! Good morning!

We haven't caught up with Heikki news since last year, so I'm here to fill you in with what you may have missed.

Heikki started 2011 by going to a metal themed New Years party, and he let Catherine near him with her eyeliner. My opinion is this is not his best look, how about you?

Then he spent a few days watching the Four Hills Ski Jumping Tournament, I don't think he could be any more Finnish if he tried! He even got to have a go at talking about it on TV.

After that he got to meet the man who won it all, Thomas Morgenstern. Is there any sport that Red Bull don't have a hand in?

CNN broadcast a feature about Finland, and Heikki got to be a part of it. Wikipedia tells me that Alex Stubbs, the Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs, attended University on a golf scholarship so it's no wonder Heikki looks happy to see him. Heikki then later pretended to be a politician himself.

Earlier this week Heikki had a family outing for some annual medical checks. I can't say this is an activity my family has ever done together, but I guess it makes sense.

And most recently, he has been tweeting about the Australian Open.

What a smart man, clearly tennis is an awesome sport. Speaking of which, I'm keeping this daily short because in eight hours I'm off to the Australian Open myself for my fifth day of live tennis watching so I need to get some sleep. This is one of my absolute favourite times of the year to live in Melbourne, it's like Grand Prix week only it goes for three times as long and the sport's stars are a lot more accessible.

I hope you all have a great day (I know I definitely will, go Isner!) and I'll see you in the comments.

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