Hello all! Surprise! I must first apologise for the lateness of my daily, and secondly for taking Lukeh’s wonderful Friday daily away from you. However I have good news, he’ll be back covering for me on Sunday, so you wont have to wait long.

Oh my goodness!! 51 days until the Bahrain Grand Prix!! So that means tomorrow we can start the 50 day countdown! The off season really has flown by this year. Anyway, on with today rather than the countdown.

Let’s catch up with the latest happenings in the Formula 1 world we love so much as news steps up a gear in preparation for the upcoming launches and test sessions;

Red Bull have confirmed their launch.

Renault are eyeing a podium spot next year.

Hamilton will debut the new Mclaren

In addition to this, Joe has returned and yesterday wrote not 1, not 2, not 3, 4, 5… but 6 posts!!

Ohh, and Adam Hay- Nicholls has written a brilliant post for us all to enjoy too!

Phew that’s quite a lot of stories for one day.

I’ve been following Christine’s latest series of ‘life in the fast lane’ , what about you? And after you’ve read that, you should totally listen to the latest episode of f1 debrief if you haven’t already.

Finally, I hope you’re all aware, tomorrow night we’re having a small meetup in London. We’d love it if you could come alone too!

Location: The Coal Hole, The Strand

Time: 6pm

I hope you’ll be there, would be great to meet you!!

Podcast of the week

This week I thought I’d feature a mini series. The history of f1 mini series is still one of my favourites and one I’ve learnt lots from. It’s worth checking out. Here’s the first podcast of the series to get you started.

Sidepodcast audio preview

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