Christmas approaches...

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Christmas approaches...

The weather outside may be frightful, but the comments are so delightful, and with just one day left until the big day (and by that I mean Christmas Day, just in case you have forgotten) I hope you're all ready and prepared. Today is your last chance! Of course what you could do is simply chill out in the comments that are, as we know, very delightful indeed. In fact, somewhere I have hidden a message on Sidepodcast for you to take a quick glance at. I'm sure you'll find it quickly but I hope you do take in what it says! With that said and done, let's see what we can have a chat today about today.

Paddock News

Ukraine In The Membrane - Good news everyone! That's right, just when we needed more irrelevent circuits trying to budge their way into a packed calendar we know have Ukraine saying it wants to host a race and has been looking at some Danish guy who made some tracks in F1 already or so they say. I thought Tilke was German but it seems his awful track responsibilities make his nationality transcend all barriers! We don't need more random tracks with no historical background added to the calendar, this is just silly.

Lotus in More Scuffling Shocker - No.

"I Knew I Should Have Got Tips from Ralf" - It seems old Michael (literally) is admitting the criticism this year that has been sent his way this year has been a bit deserved but he plans to do better. Well you would, wouldn't you? This is the season of goodwill and festivities so I will offer him a compliment, oh the madness - his attitude in general and the way he's come across over the most of 2010 has been a lot more refreshing than his classic arrogant, annoying self. Less of that and Hungary 2010, more open, listening Michael who wants to push a team forward and not himself.

I left them At home, Do you have a spare pair? - Surely I'm not the one person who's mind gets blown to shreds by this photo of Sergio Perez getting his seat fitting courtesy of the F1 Big Picture? HIS LEGS. THEY ARE INVISIBLE. HIS CAR IS INVISIBLE. Woah. Also, super duper win for a Pink Floyd reference.


Thursday Thoughts - Coz' This is My Formula 1 Championship of Whatever - This week's responsibilties of our weekly segment of Thursday Thoughts went to Jordan F1 as on his blog he asked us what we would do if we were in jean's shoes instead of Bernies. Jordan went for using examples of the sidepodcommunity whilst I decided to bring in my own commandments into the sport but please do feel free to get involved and blog your own entry. As always Christine has put it all together in a bundle that even couldn't handle at first, so consider it a superbundle. A Mark Bundle. A Martin Bundle. A Bundle of Fun.

GREAT GAME!!! I mean, GREAT SCOTT!!! - I;m sure it won't just be Christine who'll be happy to hear this news but the first episode of the Back to the Future game is now available to purchase!! Woohoo!! It comes from the fabulous Telltale Games, who over the past few years have brought out some fantastic titles like Sam & Max, the rebirth of the Monkey Island series and Puzzle Agent too, and I have a feeling this one will be just as special as their previous well-received releases. Plus it's a new tale in the world of Back to the Future, what more could you possibly ask for?

Best Dinnertime Ever - Hurrah! After earlier this week I posted a blog entry discussing what five celebrities I would definitely invite over to a dinner party, Christine has followed suit by posting her five up in a fabulous blog post that ultimately led to some epic name dropping in the comments yesterday. Did you know that I once had a conversation with Bruno Senna? and that Giggles went to the same school as Lilly Allen? Let us not forget when Christine talked to Rob Smedley too. In fact, I think I had a chat with Bruno Senna once. also, did you know Pat W got called sir by Murray Walker, and that Giggles bought a drink for the Miranda crew at a pub? I also once had a very fun talk with Bruno Senna, whilst Alison has met Darious from the X-pop-idol-factor and of course Lou has spoken to Jenson Button a few times not to mention F1 Wolf getting the chance to drive with Michael Schumacher. Me? I don't have anyone famous to say I've talked to or chatted to for a bit.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!- Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! DOCTOR WHO TOMORROW!!!!! I am quite excited. Quite. Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Doctor Who tomorrow!! Also, Christmas Day.

And Finally...

Daily Listen - The Suburbs by Arcade Fire - Looking back over 2010 I decided to have a look what albums that had been released over the year that I hadn't mentioned and I decided to go for this fab third studio album from Arcade Fire. their sound has always attracted me to their albums because it's quite unique and I absolutely love their live performances, so full of energy and emotion. The stand out track on The Suburbs is definitely 'Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)' and it's such a great album set in the theme of the suburbs (unsuprisingly) and children growing up in this environment. Plus Sprawl II has me thinking for a while it had a lyric 'Quit these pretentious this and just punch Timo Glock'. Sorry RG. On another note, do please check out my Twitter buddy Iddy as she goes through a really thorough and very insightful look back at 2010's best albums in her eyes because it's been a fantastic read so far, and follow her on Twitter too coz she's awesome and Welsh.

So that's that for another day, it seems. I'm honestly so drained and tired so I hope this is still up to the standard of fantastic dailies we get at sidepodcast. One of my favourite changes on the website this year has been the Daily writers and it's been a privilege to do it this year and I plan many more in 2010. I'll see you lovely people next week where it will in fact be my birthday in 7 days time, how exciting. I think. Anyways, you all deserve a lovely festive time with the ones you love and I hope you have a very merry Christmas my friends! Remember - 6pm, BBC1, Doctor Who. Merry Christmas!!!

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