Merry Christmas everyone! This year I got you something pretty good but I wasn’t quite sure how to wrap it so if you just look down a bit you’ll see it.

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It’s Heikki news!

Last time we spoke was the weekend of the Race of Champions and that didn’t turn out so good. In the Nations Cup Heikki won all of his races but his team mate won none so they were knocked out. Tom Kristensen, I’m putting you on my list of enemies. Heikki then watched the rest of the Nations Cup from the stands with his family!

On Race of Champions day, Heikki took to his first race with Catherine in the passenger seat and unfortunately they had a big crash. Heikki ended up with concussion and Catherine got a hairline fracture in her pelvis so both were on bedrest for a couple of days and Catherine ended up on crutches (in Lotus colours of course!) for a while. What an eventful day!

Earlier this month Heikki won the LG Moment of the Year for his fireman stunt in Singapore. Since I told you all to vote for it I’m going to take the credit for that one. He didn’t win Finland’s Fireman of the Year award, but he did congratulate the man who did.

He then headed to Finland to do some training, and he was in the same part where Santa lives, so that’s relevant to Christmas. It was -22 degrees! Heikki seems to be made for the winter, he did some ice bike racing, has been doing lots of cross country skiing, and Catherine shared the pretty view with us. In indoors news, he’s been playing badminton with his sister and even joined in with the latest sidepodcraze.

Finally, here is Heikki (and Jarno) to say Merry Christmas to you all, I am off to start preparing my Christmas lunch so I hope you have a lovely Christmas Day, don’t eat too much and don’t forget to pop into the comments and say hello!

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