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I know, an RG daily on a Thursday? Usually, such talk would be considered as 'crazy' and you would be sent into the special moderation clinic. But my friends, such things can now be put to bed, as here I am, as Mr Andronov has handed the baton over and I was unable to do it on Monday due to illness (Cheers Steven), anyways, on with the daily.


As the group of Sergio, Felipe, Adrian and Nigel skipped on through the snow, they came across a small village, which oddly had people in short sleeves, starting off the barbeques and had no snow around. Adrian was the first to speak out of the shock, "Those lucky..." he was cut off from two men approaching him who spoke.

"G'day mates, names Mark, this is Roy, we're the Wizzard's of Aus. Dan't warry lads, like this every Christmas."

"Like this... everyday?" asked Felipe. Mark shook his head, "Well, I wish it could be Christmas everyday."

"So mates can I ask why you are up in this part of the world?"

"Erm, well, we'd just like to see Santa," said Sergio.

"Ah cool, we'll tell ya where he is. Just, y'know the Wicked Driver of the West, well, I just need a few things first, namely, the ability to win World Championships, that'd be nice."

"Sure, then you'd tell us where Santa is?"

"Of course."

A few hours later

"Ahhh, zo i zee that you are not zo clever, my darling little number 2's helped me, don't you like zem? I call zem Rubens and Nico, I think zay look cute. No? Oh vell, anyvay, zat helmet that is mine, hand it over." The Wicked Driver of the West had found the four, and they were now trapped, no hope for escape.

"Never, this is mine."

"Vell, technically..."

"Shut up Nigel, you are supposed to be on my side."

"I love vatching zis infighting. It is, zay, very funny."

"Sergio, listen, I'm just a snowman. You guys go on without me, his ability is in the corner over there. I'll take care of this monster. Remember, keep on the hunt of cheap car insuarance."

Adrian screamed, "Nigel, no!" But it was too late. Nigel jumped the Wicked Driver of the West, both of them melting into a pool of water below. Sergio was the first to speak up.

"Lets hope the actual snow does that soon too." They all solemnly trudged out of the room, collecting the ability on the way, while Rubens and Nico celebrated the death of their cruel boss.


"Excellent," said a happy Mark, "this'll be the trick to beat Sebastian."

"Who is Sebastian?" asked Sergio.

"Oh, you've missed out on quite the year. It's those Germans over there, I can see his smug face looking back at me, oh, there's his little pal, Timo, he likes his food, if you know what I mean. Yeah, over there is the Italians, those from San Marino, they're coming back into popularity."

"Oookay, where is Santa?"

"Oh, er, go straight down there, first left, go straight till you get to the roundabout, third exit and fourth right."

"Sweet, catch ya later." Sergio, Felipe and Adrian all thanked the Wizzard's of Aus and left down the support route, Mark though was still very happy.

"Oi, Sebastian, see this, you know who I got this from? Yeah, thats right, and this means I will be 2011 champion." A faint cry could be heard from his rival.

"Yeah, yeah, not when you are a number two," Sebastian stuck his tounge out, swiveled and walked away. Mark looked lost,

"Now the frosty paws appear, eh."


"Nearly there guys." exclaimed an excited Sergio.

"Sergio, you never said, what would you like from Santa?" asked Felipe.

"Hmm, chess, maybe Star Wars stuff I guess. I just want to see him though, thats it." And so they reached the so called fabled lands and all let out one unanimous expression.


To be continued...


So what will happen to Sergio, Felipe and Adrian? Has the Wicked Driver of the West come back from the melt? Has the Wizzard's of Aus given them the wrong directions? Well, you only have a few days to find out actually. Till then, in the words of Sir Harry Redknapp, have a triffic Christmas and I know you can come back from 2-0 down.

Or maybe not all the words of 'Arry, then.

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