Hello Friday-goers, it must be time for another Daily as wibbly wobbly timey wimey has ticked itself past midnight. It's only fair to start off this Daily with two very big happy birthdays in the world of Formula 1. Whilst both of these guys are English, one of them is a Formula 1 World Champion in 1996, Damon Hill, whilst the other is one of the sport's greatest drivers to never win a championship and that man being Stirling Moss. Stirling had a horrific accident a few months ago and is back on his feet driving at Goodwood Revival which starts today, so it's great to see him back and fit again. So Happy Birthday Damon and Stirling!

Paddock News

The Return of Sideshow Bob - Seeing as Nick Heidfeld and his awesome beard are back in Formula 1 replacing a hedgehog preparing for hibernation, Pirelli ended up turning to the perfect person available with the necessary experience to learn about the tyres, with that choice being the obvious... ur... Romain Grosjean. Yes, the same man who's drive at Renault was as successful as a chocolate teapot in an oven. Bit of an odd choice when De La Rosa and Davidson are available but there we go. Let's just hope no-one in Pirelli has the name Bart.

The Magical Merrygoround of Drivers - It wouldn't be right to not have rumours and allsorts flying about about driver changes and whatnot within the teams. Jonathon Legard has got the ball rolling once again by declaring Mercedes' apparent interest in the ever-improving Adrian Sutil. As well as this, plenty of rumours are circulating around the Renault drive for 2010 as well. Kimi Raikkonen is being mentioned as a possibility, as I've blogged about recently despite a bit of criticism from a few Kimi fans.


Brawn to be Rich - Over at Adam Cooper's always worthwhile blog, he's had a look at how Brawn GP's finances over 2009 and the effect of Mercedes taking over, and it's just a fascinating little insight into how successful the year was for a brand new team. How many other places do you see a new company make a £98.5 million profit in their first year? Also worth noting the pay-off that had to be paid to keep Jenson with Brawn for that year.

The Story So Far... - We love guests posts, especially when they're as good as this. Journeyer and Gavin have joined forces to create a knowledgable superteam that few superhero teams out there can rival, and have written up this fabulous and insightful post. Journeyer was the man with the insane amount of information for Gavin to collate and represent via his always welcomed graphs and it's a very, very interesting read that I'm sure you won't regret spending some time over. Plus it has a funky title with more numbers than a Countdown numbers game.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews - Not long to go now until the much anticipated Formula 1 2010 game is released, with the game being released in the US on Tuesday and a week today elsewhere. IGN have already put up their review of the game which is definitely worth viewing if you fancy reading some reviews, and a lot more reviews are expected to go up today on Eurogamer, Gamespot and F1 Badger too. Incidentally, there's a brand spanking new Gran Turismo 5 trailer with some fabulous looking weather effects too. Another racing game to be excited over!

Long Live the Dashboard! - Well Mr C completely caused my mind to explode into smithereens late last night with the fabulous introduction of the Sidepodcast Dashboard, a new live commenting solution from our wonderful hosts. With Twitter and Facebook integration as well as the Sidepodcast Calendar and of course a live streaming commenting solution, it is the perfect place to comment live on the website with others. Fabulous stuff, very impressive and an eye should be kept out for a blog post explaining the dashboard very soon. Although don't forget about the homepage, which is still the best place to have all the newest posts and information available for your convenience.

And For Something Slightly Different

This Week's Album - Today's Daily was written to Brandon Flowers' recently released solo album Flamingo. I'll be honest, at first I was a bit mixed about it but it's grown on me upon each listen and there's a few solid tracks in there. Doesn't beat some of The Killers' stronger albums but it's a good, quite visual listen. Only the Young is an absurdly soothing track.

How Appropriate, You Fight Like a Cow - Now here's something even a three headed monkey couldn't miss out on. Right now, both Monkey Island 1 and 2 are available on the iTunes iPhone App Store for just 59p and iPad App Store for £2.99 (down from £6). Quite frankly, you'd be a silly billy not to pick this up at these prices as, like I've said many times, the games are fabulous. I also find myself addicted to Slice It! at the moment, a universal app that seems quite popular at the measly price of 59p.

And that's that for another week. If you're going to Goodwood Revival this weekend please do comment and let everyone know of the wonderful experience that is Goodwood, especially in the period costume hijinks that occur during the Revival weekend. I hope you have a fabulous day and I'll see you guys in my favourite relaxed lounge on the internet - the Sidepodcast comments.

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