Hello, Pat here and I'll be your Daily-writer for today, and perhaps every other Thursday? Who knows, we'll see how this goes.

I know Thursdays aren't well-liked and often for good reason, there's something sinister about them and I don't trust their motives. Yet on the whole I find they aren't too bad, certainly not as bad as Wednesdays, oh those Wednesdays.. That might only be because it is usually a nice quiet day in the office apart from taking the phones, because the phone-picker-upper doesn't work Thursdays. I hate taking the phones, I suppose that is the price that must be paid for a bit more freedom.

Do you often find your work (or your studies/homework) comes around in cycles? Mine always arrives in a massive lump in the first few days of the month and I spend two weeks or so working hard to clear it, then suddenly it stops roughly on the 16th and then it is a fairly straightforward run to the end of the month. Can't you tell I'm happy it is the 16th again?! All over for another month. Anyway, enough about work. You can probably tell I've thought of little else for a while.

Here are some things that have happened:

  • That pesky Henry, he gets everywhere! Here he is at Monza clearly smitten by Virginia - cute! - but I think she may be too fast for him. Then he was on the Le Mans Series podium on Sunday while the race at Silverstone drew to a close, I'm sure just scoping it out before the drivers get up there. Great access passes, a true fan.
  • There's a funny Twitter hashtag going around at the moment called #rockretractions.

    Building a city on rock 'n roll is geologically irresponsible.

    JoshMalina's Twitter avatarJoshMalina

    You know what? If you wanna be my lover, you don't have to get with my friends. It's cool. Zig-a-zig-ah.

    mstcambot's Twitter avatarmstcambot

    Word of warning, there may be a little bit of swearing in the odd tweet but at the time of writing it isn't a problem as everything is clean.
  • Check out the new upgrades to Sidepodcast commenting! You can see a new format on the homepage (which I'm sure you've seen already having come here via the homepage... right?) and also in the Daily thread itself - i.e. not the /realtime or /livecommenting pages but the actual thread. Read a few more details here and there'll soon be a blog post about the changes.


There's no F1 this weekend but if you need a fix, please enjoy some of these fine motor races:

  • IndyCar* - Motegi, Japan
  • MotoGP - Aragon, Spain
  • NASCAR Cup - Loudon, USA
  • GT1 World* & Superleague* - Portimao, Portugal
  • WTCC & Formula 2* - Valencia (road course), Spain
  • FR3.5 - Silverstone, UK
  • DTM - Oschersleben, Germany
  • BTCC* - Donington Park, UK (yay for the return of Donington!)

Wow, there's a heck of a lot more than I expected before I started writing. This is probably one of the last big racing weekends of the season so make the most of it. If something is available for free online I've noted it with an asterisk (*), your mileage may vary. I never expected to see Superleague sharing the bill with FIA GT!

Okay that's all from me for now, save for a request: If you know of any cheap accomodation in my area, do please let me know.

Have a great Thursday!

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