Hello Sidepodpeople and welcome to Saturday. I am back behind the blogging wheel for another daily post, and I thought I would bring it right back to basics with some bullet points and some links. How does that sound? Excellent. Did you know that there are only 104 days left of the year? How scary is that? I would have liked to hit the round 100 but I am not on duty that day, so 104 is the new magic number. Let us move on, though, from numbers to news:

  • First up, RG has started a new blog called Sauber Insight and it looks as though it will pretty much do what it says on the tin. We know that RG is Sauber's number one fan, so it will be good to get some opinions from a passionate individual. Let's just hope the team can offer up some news and results that are noteworthy enough to make it onto the blog.
  • I am reluctant to give Mr C another plug, because I know what he's like and he'll be impossible to live with. But all the hard work he has been doing of late is starting to pay off as he has introduced yet another way to comment - the dashboard. There's a lot more information in that post, and in the comments underneath it, but it is basically a newer, brighter, sparklier version of the Live Commenting Live, Thing. We hope you like it.
  • I would like to give a mention to the FOM Race edit which went live yesterday. The Italian Grand Prix seems ages away, and I was on the verge of forgetting all that went on, but the edits really bring to life the race. In fact, I'd argue that they are a somewhat false representation of the races, and I want all the GP weekend to be like that in real life. Still, that's what some great editing can do for you. I have only started watching the race edits recently, but I am a convert! (Also, Vettel was a bit peeved, wasn't he? We didn't hear that during the race!)
  • I'd like to give an additional plug to Journeyer's post about the championship races and how history reflects on the close title battles towards the end of the season. It was posted a couple of days ago, but it's worth reading if you haven't already, and it's worth a second glance if you've already given it the once over. It's really very good, so many thanks to Journeyer and to Gavin for providing the graphs.

That should do it for now. I hope you've got exciting things planned for your weekend, but either way, let us know what you're up to and what you're looking forward to. I will see you in the comments.

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