The situation is tough. What we have been handed is simply not enough. Nothing can be done about it, what happens now is down to us. Down to each and every one of us. We can pull through. We can get past this issue. We can survive.

It is not ideal. This is usually a simple operation, but now it is a whole team effort. I need you. You. You hold the key for this to work. You spread the word, you jump into our shoes, you say what you need to say.

We will do this. We will get the word out of a new post by Pat on Too Much Racing. We will share our knowledge of the events this weekend at Autosport International. We will listen to the latest Sidepodcast Debrief.

And you know what my friends. This can be achieved, we need the men and the women to work hard, fight this evil that has been set against us.

It will be defeated! We will get one over this monstrosity. As a team.

Don’t give up. Don’t stop looking into the stars. Don’t stop not voting for Jedward in the Irish Final for Eurovision and do not move to Stratford!

You take things for granted, to speak, to write, to read. Give up the fight against this and we ca... oh wait, the Sidepodcast Admin page is working again. Ignore what I just said, carry on as normal.

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