Hello aaaaaaaaaaaaand welcooooooooome!! I have to start this daily with an apology, but since I am swamped with work (plus night shifts due to Australian Open) this daily is going to be only about the very important sports news and stories you must know for today. I am really sorry for that, but as the new season is coming closer and closer there is loads of work at roadrunner racing.

News, news, news ...:

  • It was a weekend of draws in the English Premier League and the Merseyside Derby ended with a 2:2 draw too. We should have won this one, but at least it was not an another defeat. And Raul Meireles' goal really put a smile on my face. He is such a good player and I like him a lot (for his footballing skills, of course), despite what all those pathetic pub experts/moaners might say. I always enjoy spending match days at my pub, but this ... errr ... creatures, are a genuine pain in the ass, aren't they? I am sure you know at least one! I know a few and they aren't all Germans (and every child knows we are World Champions in Moaning)! There's this bloke from Ireland (Ireland!! Aren't they supposed to be the most merry nationality in the whole world?) who is moaning all the time, about everything. I always try to pretend I do not see him, but eh ... I fail miserably.
  • This video is a huge laugh! I am a huge fan of this FanZone thing and a huge fan of our Hymy Fisher, who obviously is much more funnier than the Evertonian who kept him company. Do I have to add I adore his accent? It makes me happy. Haha I think you all have figured out this small weakness of mine by now, haven't you ...? ;-)
  • In La Liga there's been a huge depression at Real Madrid as they drew Almeria 1:1. Oh boy, they should swap with us, then they'd find out what "depression" really means, ay ...
  • Barcelona defeated Malaga 4:1 with two goals by David Villa. Oh, this Asturians ... ;-)
  • Atletico Madrid is playing Mallorca at the time of writing ... Altough Sergio Agüero is out for at least ten days, so it's up to Diegito.
  • Luis Suarez might be on his way to join us. UUUUUUUUUU!!! I love that rumour, I hope it's not only a rumour and I'd love to see him wearing our shirt! *fingers crossed*
  • Meanwhile in Melbourne Roger Federer genuinely munched Lukas Lacko . I am looking forward to Rafa's first match. Roger is ready, Rafa is ready, amandoloss it ready. :-)
  • On the eve of the Australian Open, the world’s best tennis players gave up 90 minutes of their time to come together in a fun exhibition to raise money for the families who have been left devastated by severe flooding in Queensland. They entertained 15,000 fans and raised $1.8m. Those who have been lucky to attend this event: I envy you! Those who haven't been that lucky - that would be me, for example - here as a funny video showing the silly side of Andy Murray and Co.

That would be all for today. Don't forget to follow Australian Open action, news and stories here. Don't forget to listen to the newest F1 Debrief if you still haven't. As for me, I didn't manage to listen to more than 5 minutes despite having 3 attempts. I hope you have been more lucky and in case you've got some spare time you might want to listen to this new, shiny, fab (I haven't listened yet, but they're always fab) episode of Football Weekly.

I leave you with that. Have a great day. Enjoy it wherever you are and whatever you might be doing.

I am off to make some fresh coffee. It's going to be a long night ...!

P.S. Atletico - Mallorca 2:0 . Guess who scored the second ... Diego it was. :-)

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