Hello there, how have you been? Last time I wrote a daily I was getting mushy at New Year. I can guarantee this one won't be like that. In fact, I might just go right back to how the daily began with just a few links in a lovely bullet point list. It'll be nostalgic, you'll like it.

  • Before I start, I'd just like to plug the F1 Debrief podcast from the weekend, as it was a great way to start the year. We were mostly positive about things, despite my assertions that Mr C was being grumpy. Turns out he wasn't. We cover a few topics, quite a lot of talk on the BBC, and what we're hoping to do in the future. If you haven't listened already, I highly recommend it. Although I would say that, wouldn't I?
  • What has been going on lately then? Manipe has a post pondering the lack of sponsorship on the Williams car, as made obvious when Maldonado took the car for a demo in Caracas. Manipe points out the team are only bringing forward 11 of their 18 sponsors from last year, which sounds like a worrying statistic. There is still time for them to welcome some new names though.
  • Lukeh has spent some time recently watching all three Back to the Future movies, and has summed up his thoughts in a handy blog post. I'm jealous that he got to watch the second and third parts for the first time, it's always nice to see things with fresh eyes. Although on the flip side, I wouldn't want to trade my far-too-extensive knowledge of the films either. If you want to learn more about them, I can highly recommend the Futurepedia. It's very, very easy to get lost in there and blink three hours later. Back to the Future can still warp time even 20+ years after it was released.
  • Now I'm going to get all personal plug-tastic, as I published the sixth part of my Life in the Fast Lane story yesterday. Time goes so quickly, I can't believe we're over halfway through, but nevertheless, Mitch still has lots of adventures in store before we get to the end. Right now, he's having to sit out some sessions, but you get to say who takes his place, and we've already had quite a few amusing suggestions. Why not head on over and vote where you think the story should go next?
  • Finally, don't forget to check out the revamped F1 Minute and F1 Big Picture, currently featuring the news that Fairuz Fauzy is off to Renault, rather than remaining with Lotus. Although he is sort of going to Lotus anyway, it all kind of depends. I wish I had not started this one now. Nice picture though!

There we have it. A mixture of F1 and non-F1 stuff to keep you amused for a few minutes. There'll be plenty more shared throughout the day, though, as such a fabulous collection of people find the best bits of the web. Stay tuned, and as ever, I will see you in the comments.

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