It's Sunday, and time for a super-sub daily post to cover for an unwell Lou. I shouldn't be writing this really, there's much behind-the-scenes work to be done during what little F1 pre-season remains (just 56 days at the time of writing).

Saturday though, became an unofficial day off for me, due to the return of some much missed Red Bull ice action and the recording of the first F1 Debrief of 2011. The programming therefore can wait another couple of minutes.

Speed Sporting

It has to be said I loved the ice action event to pieces, it felt exactly like a sport should. Fast paced, zero controversy, seemingly no obtuse rules to fathom. Start at the top and get to the bottom as fast as possible. Chris Pfeiffer even turned up for some freestyle frozen water action. Perfection.

Wither Ye FOTA?

In F1 news the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) seem to be coming under pressure from all sides. HRT want nothing to do with them, while internally there's disagreement over a certain team's 2010 spending spree. Ultimately the question has to arise as to the point of FOTA in the current sporting climate. For an organisation that essentially has very little power, they certainly make enough headlines for themselves.

An Early Sign Off

That's me just about done for the day, but I must leave you with the most overlooked story of the week. Bernie Ecclestone popped up in the news last Monday, after German media accused him of bribing a banker. Can't say I care much about the story, but a better F1 euphemism of the week has yet to be written.

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