Hello, hope you are all well. My last daily was written in the early days of a Melbourne Summer, but this daily is written in the middle of an English Winter. Obligingly, the snow fall began on my first day here (I did want a white Christmas), so I managed to take some very pretty photos. Snow is so amazing, it helps even the most amateur of photographers to take lovely shots.

I took this photo on Boxing Day at Kearsney Abbey near Dover. It was so very beautiful, but I don’t know how the ducks and swans can stand such cold temperatures. Clearly they are tougher than me!

A dusting of snow at Keasney Abbey

Credit: Pamela

A dusting of snow at Keasney Abbey


Before the snow arrived in December, we had planned a SidePodPubbing night in London. As we were all snowed in, we postponed the drinks.

Lou and I will be in London next Saturday 22nd January, and we thought we would meet up for drinks with whoever is around. Venue is to be confirmed, time would be about 6pm-ish. All welcome. But let’s not call it SidePodPubbing, as that might encourage the snow! All venue suggestions are welcome.


  • Talking of the snow, Ferrari’s Wrooom event at Madonna di Campiglio wrapped up today. Joe, who has been at Wrooom this week, wrote about how he doesn’t ski because he likes it too much. He also has some interesting thoughts on Felipe Massa.
  • There are some good videos from the Autosport International show on the autosport website. Be sure to watch Martin Brundle’s interview. Personally I love the Gridwalks and I hope we don’t lose them. I’d be quite happy to only have Eddie at two thirds of the races though! ;-)
  • The Head Promoter of the Korean GP was one of three people sacked.
  • Apparently FOTA will “power through it’s current troubles” to improve Formula One. I just wish they would improve their website.

Whatever you are up to this weekend (Autosport Show or not), hope it’s a good one, and hope to see some of you for drinks next Saturday in London.

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