The countdown to the Official SidepodMeet-up continues. Only 10 more days people!

In other news, welcome to Tuesday. Lots of things happening now that the F1 break is finally drawing to a close and lots of bulletpoints for you to peruse. With no further ado:

  • Everybody is rushing to get into shape. First Jenson and now Nico has gone down the triathlon route to keep fit.
  • Nick Heidfeld finally gets some time in a racing car, but it is not in a Mercedes... And it seems Ant may or may not have stolen his drive seat.
  • While our very own Nick has decided to time travel and correct the past. Sounds like a good thing, as I wouldn't want my weekly daily to get confused with Wednesday's.
  • And a third random Nick has become sick of Dubai (and its Bernie-sque ways).
  • Christmas has come four months early it seems, as Alianora has very kindly decided to give out a free Autocourse 2003 to anyone who participates in this competition. More people should get into the spirit of giving. ;)
  • Tweets of the week sees everyone getting bored of the break (even Ferrari). Why can't we have two Spa races in a month instead of such a long build-up to one?
  • Christine's turn at being a weather girl may be short-lived, but here is a handy website for those who wish to have a go.
  • Pat's swap shop post is a lovely read on drivers, their careers and how we perceive them. Do have a look!
  • As I had promoted last week: Peter Winsor's exclusive interview on the late USF1.
  • It seems that Tuesdays tend to be tricky. Suggestions for other days of the week (for Alex's benefit) here and here. Should we include these titles in our daily headings?
  • Heikki's dad has been making an impact recently. Maybe we should have a SidepodDad Character Cup?
  • Johnathan Noble has written a dummy guide to F1 racing. Shouldn't we be doing one for the art of watching F1 racing too?
  • A lovely Leigh ping on the new old Sakhir circuit. I wonder if they would consider reverting Spa to its old grandeur too?
  • Christine's rankings sees Schumacher pick up 4 points. Wow.
  • And please contribute to Christine's groundbreaking 5km run. You will want to be a part of history when it is being made.
  • Sebastian's blog post may be long, but it is a definite worthwhile read. Team orders alert!
  • Mr. C wants you to test out how awesome Sidepodcast has become.
  • It is a certain Nelson Piquet's birthday today. Now usually I am super high on Tuesday birthdays, but his son's behaviour makes me feel ambivalent. Ah well. Here's a birthday cake anyway.

Any other cakes to suggest? Anyone willing to do awesome daily posts on behalf of missing regulars (like Kai did wonderfully)? All these and more in the comments. :D

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