Happy Monday everybody!

Who else may be having a happy Monday? Maybe it’s Nico Rosberg after he finished a triathalon? Or smiley Rubens commemorating his upcoming 300th GP ? Or maybe it’s American F1 fans who may just get an actual, real live GP in this century? Or it could be YOU looking forward to the F1 2010 game.

I know for sure that Jorge Lorenzo must be happy this morning with his MotoGP victory in Brno, Czech Republic yesterday. He went into the race with a 72 point lead in the World Championship. Even after a crash in qualifying and concerns about his race setup, he took the podium for his 7th win this season. His lead now increases to 77 points over Dani Pedrosa. In other MotoGP news, Pat W informs us that Valentino Rossi is moving to Ducati next year.

Well, there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful on SPC, among them:

We get to shift gears a bit ourselves this time of year, as many people have just returned from a far away place or are marking off calendars and trying to find suitable arrangements for pets and plants while away (at Spa, perhaps??), so I thought I’d focus on some travel goodies. I can’t vouch for these devices, not having used them myself, but maybe you've used them and can give some feedback or recommend something better. (more bullet points!)

  • For our small digital cameras, here is a tripod for anywhere.
  • Hide some of your stuff in your laptop. (Not that great if your laptop gets stolen, but that’s a bad day, regardless)
  • If you decide not to bring a laptop, but you need to keep up with your blog, here is a laser keyboard that works on any flat surface using bluetooth, complete with artificial clicking sounds
  • If you are in a sunny place a Voltaic Backpack can recharge your electronics
  • No sun (at Spa)? Keep stuff dry
  • After a long day, let your phone and iPod have a nice sleep, too.
  • C’mon, you know you want a Space pen. (Mr. C doesn’t write things, so he won’t need this)
  • And as for future (really future!) travel, maybe your road trip will not include quite so much actual driving, thanks to Audi. They’re testing at Pike’s Peak in September, elevation 14,115 feet. If they are not picking up tiny Audi pieces off the valley floor after the test, we may see it someday. What do you think about a self-driving car?

And if you’re not going to be traveling, you are not alone, and we can stay nice and cozy, living vicariously through all of our SPC friends who are soon to be out and about. Plus, someone has to keep the discussions going... and feed the cat.

Finally, thank you to all of you. You make this such a welcoming place. Enjoy your day, and see you in the comments.

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