Welcome to Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all ‘full of battery’ just like our favourite Spanish rookie Jaime;

Finish holidays! See you next year! Lets go! Cant wait to step in the car! Full of battery


Cute isn’t he?!

It’s reasonably quiet at the moment on the F1 news front, but with 11 days until the Spa GP weekend starts I’m sure it won’t be long until we get some more substantial news to discuss. I fact it’s so quiet people have started watching Football again! Come on F1 create some news for us! Speaking of Spa, while researching for topics for the daily I noticed the scary looking weather that area of Belgium is having currently. We’re going to need some waterproofs... or possibly a boat.

Something notable, not related to F1, which I feel I should point out is that Andy Murray won against Nadal! He’s now into the Toronto final against, well either Djokovic or Federer (their playing as I write the daily, so you’ll have to check the comments to see who wins - but it will probably be Federer) Go Andy! He’ll be playing later today, so keep an eye on the score, I’m sure Amy will be watching and on hand for any questions as our local tennis guru.

Also, it’s worth keeping an eye out for Amy’s third Australian GP post. She’s told us all about her Wednesday, and Thursday but stay tuned to the comments for any pings relating to their Friday adventures!

More good news for you all, we’ve filled the last vacancy for any upcoming daily guest posts. However never fear Christine and Mr C always welcome any sort of guest post so if you feel like you’ve got something to say you can always find out how to submit a guest post here.

While we’re on the topic of blogging, the F1 bloggers Swap Shop is in full swing and we’ve now got some great posts to read, and because I’ve nearly finished the daily and am yet to use a bullet point, each post can have its very own one.

  • Phil Jackson has a fascinating post comparing  Massa Then and Now hosted on VivaF1.
  • Leigh has been posting at I Watch Too Much Racing with his brilliant post about Giancarlo Baghetti, The Grand Débutante
  • Jackie’s wonderful post, ‘The right decision?’ was published at La Canta Magnifico Blog.
  • Bridget Schuil has had her rather excellent post, The Sky is Falling, about making our beloved sport a bit greener (no not green tyres – things that actually make a difference), published here at Sidepodcast.

Keep an eye out for any more blog swap shop posts, I’m sure we’ve got a few more great posts to come.

As writer of the Sunday daily, it rests with me to remind you all of the sad news that again, there is no Giggles radio today. However, Alex will be back next week! Until then maybe you could check out the latest sidepodfilmclub post (the fbfb commentary is rather excellent)

I’ll finish off this slightly strange daily with another plug for Christine’s running you’ve probably heard but she’s planning on doing a 5K run for charity. She’s given herself plenty of time to get ready for it, so best of luck with the training and run Christine!!

I’ll leave you all with a short youtube video from LG featuring Heikki, Lucas, and Timo. Have a lovely day all!

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