Okay, pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off. I think we survived Friday the 13th. We are heading straight into the weekend, and I don't know about anyone else, but I am looking forward to it. I'm not sure what is on the cards in terms of racing or lack of it this weekend, so instead, let's talk about some completely different things.

  • Today is Sidepodfilmclub day! There will be a dedicated post along later in the day to gather all our thoughts in one place, but you might need the heads up. We posed the idea a couple of days ago, and it has been confirmed. At 8pm GMT+1, this very evening, we're watching The Love Bug (original 60s version). If you've got a copy and a couple of spare hours, please, please join us. The Factbyte Factbox is counting down to the start.
  • Yesterday, I did a weird thing and signed up for a 5K run. I'm doing it for charity and you can find out more information here. I'm working on a Sponsor Me button, too. Yay for designing stuff.
  • Pat summed up some of the motorsports he has been watching recently in his most recent post. From two F1 Grands Prix, to Indycar to MotoGP, with a bit of GP2 for good measure - that really is a lot of racing!
  • Steve, the self-confessed McLaren fan, has a great review of how the team are getting on so far this year, and comes to an interesting conundrum rather than a conclusion - is the fact that the two drivers are getting on so well a help or a hindrance to their on track performance?
  • Finally, it may be quiet in the world of F1 news, but if you're looking for something to do, why not have a look through the new and improved Twitter page on Sidepodcast. We've expanded the information in there and it's got pretty much anyone who's anyone listed. If you've been missed off, let us know, but otherwise, why not spend some time browsing around and finding new friends? I can guarantee it is more useful than Twitter's new "Who to Follow" annoyances.
  • Finally, we still have a few vacancies for upcoming daily posts due to lucky people being on holiday and unavailable. If you want to have a go, please let us know! Pick a day and sign up, don't be scared, it's pretty easy to do and we'll help you every step of the way.

That should do it for now. I hope you've got plenty planned for the weekend, let us know what's on the agenda, and don't forget to join us later for The Love Bug. I will see you in the comments.

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