Another weekend is approaching and another Friday has arrived. It's been a busy week with several Sidepodders celebrating their birthdays this past week - a belated happy birthday to Chris and Guille - but today is Friday and there's plenty more to do before the weekend arrives. In fact, I'm not feeling too well. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more bullet points:

  • Are we still in this long month of no Formula 1? I guess we are, because it's still very quiet on the news front. Do you like the summer break? AUTOSPORT seem to have forgotten that RG is currently on holiday - they've spoken to Peter Sauber about his positive outlook for this year and next year with Sauber as well as getting an update from Timo Glock about staying dedicated to Virgin Racing. I think he should move to Williams and be with Rubens Barrichello, they'd make a lovely team. Finally, Chief of Sillytalk and Nonsense Committee Bernie Ecclestone is still determined to get a race in New York City despite the Texas deal. I think what surprises me most out of this is that ITV F1 are still running their F1 website.
  • So who else watched the BBC's excellent drama 3-parter Sherlock and it's finale it's past Sunday? I really did enjoy it, especially the final episode and it gives me great pleasure to see that the show will be returning for a second series. You could always go and read Christine's thoughts and feelings about the various episodes if you like too, but role on more Sherlock. of course, the actor who played Sherlock - Benedict Cumberbatch (epic name) - gave a little hint about a possible Dr Who role recently too. Yes please!
  • Good news as the Sidepodfilmclub is returning to the comments tomorrow evening with the plan so far I think is to watch the film Love Bug - the dedicated post can provide much more juicy information like an orange filled with interesting words and replies. In other news, did you know that the Futurama theme is actually based on a song from the 60's called Psyche Rock by Pierre Henry? My mind was kerploded into a berjillion bits when I heard this, then once again when I heard the Fatboy Slim remix. Madness. Pure madness.

That's about all for now I'm thinking. One last link I wanted to share was this staggering Take on Me-style video of someone drawing the members from Muse. Now I know I don't shut up about them but that video is just totally worth watching. Quite how someone can have that amount of talent staggers and impresses me like a Rubens Barrichello gold statue. Also, you can now automatically retweet posts on sidepodcast under the post via the Twitter button. Fun times! I hope you enjoy it, and I'll see you in the comments.

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